Summer is Here ★☆

Summer has officially begun for me today, as I just picked up my report which means six weeks of freedom. I’ll be spending these six weeks mostly writing and reading (and buying new books), but I’m also going to Macedonia for two weeks, so I might not be able to blog while I’m away. There’s wifi there so I’ll try, but I won’t be bringing my laptop so if there aren’t any computers there I probably won’t blog. I don’t really like writing on my phone, unless it’s a short note.

Speaking of blogging, I’m pretty proud of myself that my second blog post is only three days later. I know I said I wanted to blog on Tuesday, but I was too upset to write. You see, that day I found out that one of my best friends is probably going to be hold back a year (her father is coming to school to talk to someone, so I’m still hopeful that she won’t be hold back). The reason I’m upset is because the teachers think they can’t do it, which is ridiculous because she can. And what if she can’t? At least give her a chance to try. With her current grades she is still going to pass her exams next year or maybe she’ll have to retake one, no big deal. But no, my school is more concerned about their ranking than about her happiness. I just can’t imagine going to class without her and going through my last year without her after five years. It’s just extremely unfair, because she’s intelligent and hard working and she just doesn’t deserve this. She didn’t even get to ‘defend’ herself. The teachers just sat in a classroom, voting about her fate while she was waiting in the hallway. It felt like a courtcase without the defendant or their defense attorney defending themselves/their client. I haven’t heard anything from her yet, but I really hope they’ll give her a chance. They’re not holding her back because she can’t do it, no, they’re holding her back because they think she can’t do it. Ugh, I’m so mad I can’t even put it into words.
On a happier note, I couldn’t blog on Wednesday either because our entire year went to Gent. One of my best friends and I made the program and we decided to go to castle ‘Gravensteen’. Actually, I decided to go to a castle, because I really love castles. But come on, who doesn’t? Apparently people who do not like stairs. To be honest, those stairs were a little bit tiring and scary, but it was worth it.
If you’re a (bit) of a castle geek like me I definitely recommend it. If you’re in a wheelchair, on crutches or something like that, it’s unfortunately not the place for you. The castle also has weapons and torture devices on display and you have a pretty nice view of Gent on top.

Of course I couldn’t leave Gent without buying a book, especially one that is only five euros: Northanger Abbey, which I’ll be reading this summer along with all the other books I couldn’t read before due to school. I’ll buy even more books tomorrow (no, I do not have a problem), since I still have a gift card, a voucher and I’m getting books for my report from my mum and grandfather.

I don’t know if I’ll blog tomorrow, if not, I’ll blog on Sunday. I’ll write about my bookhaul haha. If you’re in the neighbourhood, be sure to visit Gent! I didn’t see much of it, since I was with school, but it’s definitely a pretty town worth visiting. Also, Belgian waffles! (yum!) Though you can find those everywhere in Belgium, I suppose. Since they’re, you know, Belgian (oh my God, that was the worst joke ever).


– The Writing Hufflepuff


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