Writing Music: Lifehouse

Some writers prefer to listen to music while they write, others don’t. I fall under the first category, but I don’t listen to any kind of music. I can’t listen to Marina and the Diamonds while I write, because it will distract me and I’ll want to sing and dance along but since I’m writing, I’ll sit in my chair trying to control myself and force myself to write. So instead of listening to Marina and the Diamonds, I listen to bands like Lifehouse, Imagine Dragons, Thriving Ivory and some random songs that are calm and inspirational. I’ve decided to share the music I listen to while I write with you,hopefully every week (except when I’m in Macedonia for two weeks); I hope to make this a regular thing untill I don’t have any music to talk about anymore.

This time I’m talking about Lifehouse, because it’s the only band in my iTunes that I still listen to after five years and is definitely one of my favourite bands. Their music is calming, easy to write to and if you listen to the lyrics they’re inspirational (or at least I find them inspirational). Maybe they’re not your cup of tea, maybe you can’t concentrate on your writing while listening to them, but I suggest you give them a chance.

Lifehouse has been around for a while (since 1999), thus there are quite a lot of songs. So, where do you start? To make things easier for you and to introduce you to them, I’ve decided to put together my top ten in no particular order (which was hard, really hard. It was a top five first… Oops).

You and Me

You Belong to Me

All in All

Days Go By

Chapter One

Falling In

Who We Are

Easier To Be


Between The Raindrops (feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

And special shout-out to Halfway Gone, since that was the first song from Lifehouse I ever heard.

I hope you like Lifehouse and found some new (inspiring) music to listen to while writing! Let me know what you think.

Next time: Thriving Ivory

– The Writing Hufflepuff



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