Writing Music: Christina Perri

It’s the third installment of ‘Writing Music’! This week the spotlight will be on Christina Perri, who is definitely one of my favourite female singers, if not my number one favourite singer. She has a beautiful voice that I don’t get tired of, no matter how long I listen to her songs. Her songs are beautiful, inspiring, catchy and I don’t know of any other adjectives to describe them, except fangirl gibberish like arfdgbsj, and I’m sure that ‘arfdgbsj’ didn’t just convince you to listen to her music. Hopefully my top ten will (again, in no particular order).


I Believe

Burning Gold

Be My Forever ft. Ed Sheeran 

One Night

A Thousand Years




I Don’t Wanna Break

I hope you like Christina Perri and that you have found some new (inspiring) music to listen to while writing!

Next time: Imagine Dragons (not next week)

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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