Writing Masterpost

So I was going through my map with usefull writing websites and I realised how messy it was so I started to categorize everything in Word, when I realised it’d be selfish to keep these websites to myself! I’ll create a page ‘Writing Masterpost’ where I’ll place this list as well and I’ll be updating from time to time. Once I’ve updated it a lot, I will create another blogpost. I might do the same for reading/books soon. If there is a website you think that should be added or if an url isn’t working or something like that, let me know!


Naming your character

Last Name Generator
Name Generator for People, Companies, Fantasy and Planets
Most Common Surnames in Great Britain
Unique Boy Names
Behind The Name
Baby Names
Fantasy Name Generators

Other useful sites for creating your characters

Character chart for fiction writers
Online Family Tree Creator
The Massive List of Hobbies
List of Character Traits
Genetic Heredity Calculator
OC Meme Central (memes, questionairres etc.)

Useful websites

Storytoolz (word count meter, story idea generator etc.)
Writtenkitten (get a picture of a new cat every 100/200/500/1000 words)
Story Starters: Intriguing Titles
100 Free and Useful Web Apps for Writers
Mythical Creatures List
Place Name Generator
To Italicize Or Not To Italicize Non-English Words And Phrases
Components of Medieval Armour

Writing Tumblrs (only  tumblrs that follow. Favourites are in bold)

I Love Reading and Writing
Write World
The Writing Cafe
It’s a Writer Thing
Yeah Write
That Awkward Writing Moment
World Weaving
For the Love of the Words
Just Writer Problems
You Know You’re a Writer
Fix Your Writing Habits
Writing Box
Journaling Junkie
Writing References
Total Rewrite
Writers Relief
Writing References 420
Character and Writing Help
Fuck Yeah Forensics
How to Fight Write
It’s Only the First Draft
Writing Questions Answered
Fuck Yeah Character Development
Awesome Writing Prompts
The Right Writing
Writing Helpers
Reference for Writers
What About Writing
Sams Writing Tips
I Dare You to Write
Writers Friend
Writing Problems
A Writers Little Things
Clever Girl Helps
House of Fantasists
Lazy Resources
Resourcing Cultures
Modern Muckrakers
Slithering Ink
Stir the Plot
The Road Paved with Words
The Information Dump
The Writing Realm
Writing Frenzies

(some of these Tumblrs aren’t active anymore, but they still have some good posts to read)

Authors on Tumblr (that I follow)

Gail Carriger
Soman Chainani
Neil Gaiman
John Green
Rick Riordan
Rainbow Rowell

Dutch Only

Karakter eigenschappen
Babybytes (namen)
Lijst van Fabeldieren
Onze Taal (really useful for grammar, spelling, interpunction etc. issues)
Lijst van Achternamen

Writing Playlists

Study Like a Time Lord
Hit the Books
Sing to Me
The End

I hope this is at least a little bit useful. There are of course a lot more websites, which will be added as soon as I discover them! (and find them useful)

– The Writing Hufflepuff






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  1. Hello, I was commenting to let you know that I tagged you for The tmi tag, and no need to do it right away. :)

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