Back To School

Unfortunately *sigh* It’s not like I hate school, but this summer I had so much more time to write and read. At least I have a great homeroom teacher this year! And another thing that cheered me up was that Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods came out today!

It’s not the edition I wanted, but this one was the only one they had and I couldn’t wait.

Mom: ‘Please buy just one’ Yeah, sorry Mom. Couldn’t resist. The book looked at me and begged me to take it home with me.

I can’t wait to read these, but I’ll have to finish ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ first! Another thing that made up for school starting (and the horrible workshop that went with it. I’m a senior now, I don’t need a workshop about how to study. I wouldn’t be in my final year if I didn’t know that) was this:


Not only is one of my favourite authors Gail Carriger following me, she replied. *insert fangirl gibberish*. You might not know Gail Carriger, but she is the author of the amazing ‘The Parasol Protectorate’ series and it’s prequel ‘The Finishing School’ series and they’re some of my favourite books. The universe that Gail has created is just so much fun and her characters are gold.

I’ve got some posts queued for the next few days so that this blog doesn’t die, but I might be really busy from now on…

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. My face in the featured image is like that because I posted it on twitter with ‘Mom: ‘Please just buy one’ sorry Mom couldn’t resist.’ It looks like I’m not happy with the books, so I wanted to clarify that.



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