The Mortal Instruments Review

DISCLAIMER MADE IN 2016: If I read the books now, these reviews would be very different. Do I still love and enjoy these books? Yes. Are there problematic things that I either forgot because when I just started blogging I didn’t immediately review books or that I just didn’t catch up on? Yes. So if you’re reading this in the future, don’t hold me accountable for these reviews lol

A few days ago I finished The Mortal Instruments series. I already reviewed the first two books here.

I have to be honest, when I started The City of Bones I didn’t expect to like it, let alone call TMI one of my favourite series. And look at me now! A few weeks later and I’m in love. TMI will never beat Harry Potter or Percy Jackson or some of my other favourites, but it deserves to be among my favourites. The books are well written and I couldn’t put it down most of the time. Though the first three were a bit predictable, especially City of Bones, I still really enjoyed them. City of Fallen Angels is probably my least favourite, as it wasn’t as action-packed as the others. I did enjoy the new characters and the dialogues, but it felt like the shipping was more important than the plot itself (don’t misunderstand me, I love shipping, but I also love a good plot and this time it was a bit slow, luckily City of Lost Souls and City of Heavenly Fire made up for it). So, here are my individual reviews for the last four books in the series:

These reviews are not going to be without spoilers, I’m sorry.

City of Glass

Summary on Goodreads

My rating: ★★★★

Just like the first two, I found this one a bit predictable. When I read City of Bones I saw the plot twist ‘Jace is Clary’s brother’ coming, but I didn’t really believe he was actually her brother, so I looked it up. Maybe that’s why I had the feeling Sebastian was actually Jonathan Morgenstern. That was the only predictable thing about the book, but it was the mayor plot twist, so that was a little bit disappointing (though I love going ‘I told you so!’ while reading, makes me feel smart haha).
What I loved about City of Glass was all the action. The Mortal War starts somewhere in the middle I believe, not at the end of the book. This increases the tension, ’cause you know there are a lot of pages left and since the series was supposed to end with City of Glass, you know it isn’t going to be resolved easily and there might even be a few deaths.
So Jace and Clary finally get together, and I was happy about that, but the best thing about City of Glass for me was Alec and Magnus. I can’t deny I let out a ‘squee’ when Alec kissed Magnus in front of everyone like that. Go Alec!

City of Fallen Angels

Summary on Goodreads

My rating: ★★★★

Like I mentioned above, there wasn’t much action in this one. It was mostly a lot of bonding and shipping, which I really don’t mind, but it took a while before the plot really started to get somewhere. This was the first book in the series that wasn’t predictable for me, so that’s a plus!

City of Lost Souls

Summary on Goodreads

My rating: ★★★★★

City of Lost Souls is one of my favourites, along with Bones and Heavenly Fire. There was a lot of action, it wasn’t predictable, I loved the traveling and the bromance between Clary, Jace and Sebastian. Is it wrong that I was actually disappointed that Sebastian was evil after all? The only downpoint was Magnus and Alec breaking up, but that’s the fangirl/shipper in me speaking.

City of Heavenly Fire

My rating: ★★★★★

Ah, so many feels for this one! I’m glad everything from the original series was wrapped up, even Madam Dorothea’s prediction was explained (which I’m happy about, because how often do authors forgot little things like that? Too often). I don’t even know where to start!
Alright, I’ll start with chapter 14: ‘The Sleep of Reason’, since that chapter gave me so many feels. Why weren’t those dreams real? Except Simon’s dream, since he belongs with Izzy, and okay, Simon didn’t exist in Clary’s, but still. Human, big brother Sebastian should have existed. Damn you, Valentine. I have a lot of feelings about Sebastian.
Next: the shipping. Nothing really changed with Clary and Jace, but Simon and Izzy became a couple and Magnus and Alec got back together again, which really made me happy. I love Clace, but seriously, I ship the other two more. Though I really hated the fact that Kyle died and at the epilogue I got the feeling Maia is dating Bat now? Not sure how I feel about that. Speaking of the epilogue… That seriously broke my heart. Simon forgetting them like that. Poor Clary and Izzy. I’m just glad everything worked out in the end. I’m not sure how I would’ve felt finishing the book knowing Simon has forgotten them and never sees them again. Nope. I would not have handled that well!
So, what I really liked about this one: action, funny, shipping, heartbreaking. In one word: the feels. Right in the heart, haha. To be honest, I don’t think there was anything that I disliked about this one.

Also, look how gorgeous:

I had no idea there was an inside cover. I was taking it off because I prefer reading without the protective cover when I noticed the art. Is it just me though, or does Alec look like Tahno from Legend of Korra?


Right? Or is it really just me?

The only thing that bothered me throughout all the books, were the ‘it looked like a *insert artist name I’ve never heard* painting’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in art and I’m sure that’s a great description when you know who the artist is, but I don’t. I’m only seventeen and my art class is… Let’s just say I got the feeling that my teacher only talked about the artists she liked, meaning we spent several weeks on Bernini (which I didn’t mind) and less on other artists.

But overall, I really enjoyed the books, I couldn’t put it down and the characters stayed with me. Especially Magnus. I’ve dreamt three times over the past two or three weeks that he and I were BFFs… I guess I have an unconscious desire to be besties with Magnus.

–  The Writing Hufflepuff


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  1. I have City of Bones and City of Ashes, but I still need to read them, so I didn’t read this post all the way through.

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