Is It Summer Yet?

It’s been four weeks. Four weeks since school started and I’m already 100% done. My Spanish teacher is having a nervous breakdown because we can’t speak Spanish (how is that our fault) and we don’t remember the meaning of a few words that we were taught two years ago. I’m sorry, but if we don’t practice those words everyday, how am I going to remember them? Then there’s the new teacher who reminds me of Snape. I miss my friend who has been hold back a year for really unfair reasons (‘Well, your sister failed her exams so we think it’s best if you do this year over.’). One of my other friends is seriously getting on my nerves and I’m sick of the useless subjects. I don’t care about plate tectonics and all that. I just want to graduate and study journalism and be excited about going to school again. Obviously I’ll miss my friends, and thereΒ are teachers that I like and am going to miss, but I’m just ready to move on.

Luckily, to keep my mind of all these things, I got two books this week:

foto (8)

I was trying a filter and I thought it looked kind of pretty and mysterious, so I went with it, haha. I bought Clockwork Angel myself and The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a late birthday gift from a friend. I gave her a list of books on my TBR to pick from and I’m really happy that she picked this one. I’ve wanted to read the book ever since I saw the film two years ago, but for some reason I never bought it.

I’ve already started Clockwork Angel and so far I like it. I’ve read multiple times people saying how they think The Infernal Devices is better than The Mortal Instruments, so I’m curious to find out if I agree. I’m also reading Russisch Blauw (Russian Blue) by Rascha Peper for school. I’m not sure what to think yet. There are flashbacks to the Romanov family at the beginning of last century which are so much better written and more enjoyable than the story in the present. I wish the entire book was about the Romanov family. Oh yeah, I’m also reading Don Quijote (a very short, simplified version) for Spanish class and so far I don’t have an opinion about it since I don’t really get it yet. Did he seriously just hit a bunch of muleteers because he wanted to look at his armour/weapons?

It’s September 13th and so far I’ve (re)read four books. I know for sure that I’ll finish Russisch Blauw this month (since I have to finish it by the 26th) and I’ll probably finish Clockwork Angel as well, which means at the end of this month I’ll have read six books. That’s not much compared to the last few months, but it’s a lot more than I usually read during school.

And oh my gods, October 7th is getting closer and closer…

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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