The Maze Runner Film Review

WARNING: I wouldn’t read this if you haven’t read the book yet and are planning to. 

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Yesterday evening I went to see The Maze Runner with my poor mom. None of my friends like these kind of books/films so I always have to drag my mom with me. Not that she minds or doesn’t like these kind of films, but I actually had to hold her hand during most of it, haha. Often I found myself laughing during scenes that usually would have scared me, because I felt my mom squeezing my hand.

I haven’t read any reviews yet, so I don’t know how other people (who read the book) felt about the film, but I loved it. Sure, it didn’t completely follow the book, but I’ve accepted long ago that that’s impossible and I just ignored my inner voice screaming ‘THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK.’ or ‘In the book it went like this!’ Of course there were things I wished they hadn’t left out, but overall I think they did a pretty good job. Or maybe my expactations are just really low because of the Percy Jackson films, haha.

One thing that really did bug me was that they made it seem like Thomas and Theresa willingly helped Wicked. Sure, the other characters still didn’t hate them, but it still made them look like the bad guys, which they aren’t (unless I remember wrong, since it’s been a while since I read the book).

And I did miss the relationships between the characters, but in such a short time (okay, two hours isn’t that short, but with all the action happening) I suppose there wasn’t enough time. The characters were portrayed very well, though I felt like Gally was less of a bully? I sympathized a lot more with him than I did in the book.

Overall, I loved it. It wasn’t perfect, but hardly any film based on a book is, since the book is (almost) always better. I highly recommend you to go and see it. Just try to turn off your inner bookworm voice that keeps yelling things were different in the book and I can almost certainly guarantee you that you will enjoy it.

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10 thoughts on “The Maze Runner Film Review

  1. Yes, the Maze Runner is definitely pretty good in comparison to the Percy Jackson movie. As a stand-alone, without having being adapted from the book, I think it would’ve been fine, to be honest. But since it was adapted from the book, it was a major disappointment. :/ But I liked The Maze Runner. Great review! :)

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