Autumn Break!

I’m so happy that it’s finally autumn break; I really need this one week to relax a bit. I do have some homework and I need to make some preparations for the test week (which is almost upon me…), but beside that I’ll read and write a lot and try not to worry too much about school.

No school means I’ll have a lot of time for this blog. It won’t mean more posts this coming week, but I’ll queue a lot of posts especially for during the test week since I won’tΒ have time to write a postΒ the weekend before and during the test week. You guys won’t even notice I’m gone studying though, so don’t worry.

Blood of Olympus is currently on my bedside table waiting for me to finish it, but I’m forcing myself to finish all my schoolwork first. I’ve finished The Scorch Trials this week so you can expect a review tomorrow. I’m also busy working on my project for art class which has to be finished next week. The assignment is to make an accessory that would belong in a museum. I’m not sure what kind of accessory I’ll make yet, but I do know I’m going to do something with book flowers (yes, I’ve hurt a book. But in my defense, I didn’t like that book at all and now I’m using it for a good cause a.k.a. hopefully a good grade). Here are the flowers I’ve already made:

Like I said, no idea what to do with them haha. If you have an idea, please tell me! My mom is also going to help me, but all ideas are welcome!

Alright, that’s it for today. There’s a lot to be done this break (my room needs to be dusted. Badly. And I really want to reorganise my bookshelves) so I need to get started!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. Isn’t the picture gorgeous? I just love autumn. It’s my favourite season along with spring, though I prefer autumn since spring means hay fever.


6 thoughts on “Autumn Break!

  1. Those are awesome flowers. Maybe you could make a bouquet of them? Whatever you do with them will look great.
    I wish my school had an autumn break! My next real vacation isn’t until Christmas. :(
    Enjoy your time off!

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