Behind the blog: OTP

I know what you’re thinking. This post will be about her OTPs (let’s face it, none of us actually have one OTP, even though ironically it means ONE True Pairing). Well, close but not quite! This will be about my OTP: me + food, inspired by some of the photos I used in the gallery in the sidebar.

I thought it’d be nice for my readers to get to know me better. This blog is about books and writing, so obviously you already knew I like to read and write. I think I’ve mentioned my love for food before, but this post will fully show my love for food.

I really love food

I really love food

Like really, really love food

Like really, really love food

Me + food = OTP

Me + food = OTP



Magnum heck yess

Magnum heck yess



Gramps loves food too

Don’t mind me. Just casually eating Hello Kitty

Do you like waffles? Yes we like waffles! Can’t wait to get a mouth full! Dudududu

Mom, no paparazzi. Just let me eat

You can’t go to a movie without popcorn

I like to think I’m a healthy person. Unless I walk past a KFC

Mom what did I say about the paparazzi. Just let me eat!

Mom I’m sick of your paparazzi- bye


It runs in the family

Sadly, these aren’t even all the food related pictures. Like I said guys: me + food = OTP.

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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