Title Prompt #1

Today’s prompt is a Title Prompt. Here’s this month’s title:

‘The Broken Doll’

Like I’ve said before, the challenge is more like a guideline. The Title Prompts will usually have the same challenge though:

Write a story based on this title. Word count is up to you.

You can interpret the title anyway you want. If you’re participating, share the link of your story so I can read it! :) You can also write it in the comments if you want (if it fits).

My story:

Wherever she went, her porcelain doll went. That was little Eliza’s one rule. If her doll couldn’t come, she couldn’t either. She was often made fun of because of this, but little Eliza didn’t care. She kept carrying her doll around with her. Her doll was her best friend, after all. Nothing bad was to happen to her. Eliza had to always be there to protect her. One day one of the mean kids at school took her doll from her. Eliza cried, asking them not to hurt her best friend, but this only provoked the child. He broke the dolls neck and took off laughing. Eliza had never cried that hard in her short life. The doll had been her best friend, and now she was gone.

Or was she? One of the girls in her class had seen what had happened. Being afraid of the mean kids she hadn’t been able to do something, but feeling guilty she went to retrieve some superglue. Together the two girls mended the doll, which led to a strong friendship. The doll was no longer little Eliza’s best friend and lay in the attic forgotten. 

Years later when Eliza found the doll again, she cried even harder than she had cried that day she thought she had lost her best friend. Because this time she really had. This time she really couldn’t protect her best friend, when she was supposed to have been there. All those years ago she would have never thought that her actual best friend would end up like her doll.

Next week: Character Prompt

– The Writing Hufflepuff



5 thoughts on “Title Prompt #1

  1. What a heartbreaking story! I was expecting something light about a little girl and her doll. How dare you make me have feelings? ;)

    I’d probably write about a robot, but I have to put fantasy or scifi in there somehow. I should do this, but the writing isn’t working lately.

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