PJO and HoO Characters in Gifs

Percy or Leo making a joke at an inappropriate time Annabeth taking none of your bullshit All demigods in existence Aphrodite and Apollo Okay this one is mostly Aphrodite Persassy Coach Hedge doing his job as an adult superviser The Greek demigods (plus Jason) arriving at Camp Jupiter Jason hugging Nico Octavian fleeing when Gaia woke The fandom all the time Frank  Jason after being hit by a brick  Percy Jason and Nico The fandom Percabeth’s reunion in Mark of Athena Leo (though let’s hope he never becomes like Azula) Annabeth, Athena and the other kids in Cabin 6 I know I haven’t included every main character (like Piper, Hazel, Reyna), but I don’t have gifs for everyone. Maybe one day there will be a part two, who knows? I hope you guys enjoyed it! – The Writing Hufflepuff


7 thoughts on “PJO and HoO Characters in Gifs

  1. I’ve been thinking about reading the Percy Jackson series, are the books good? I’ve watched the films but have heard it’s very different. :) oh by the way, I love the “#we’re being trolled” gif! :)

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