Behind the Blog: Gifs That Represent Me

Like I’ve said before: I love food

I’m a great dancer


I’m (usually) very punctual

I take shipping very seriously

I’m a huge bookworm no shit

Don’t disturb me while I’m reading

I’m seriously clumsy

If my hair doesn’t look good I don’t feel good

I’m surrounded by idiots

Either I’m the one saying/thinking this or the one being asked

Okay, not all of them

I’m not the type of person to sleep until the afternoon, but do not wake me

I’m very emotional when it comes to fictional characters (okay, I’m very emotional in general)

A face I often find myself making:

People often tell me how sarcastic I am. I think I’m more sarcastic when I write than when I talk though

I’m either really lazy or really active, there is no inbetween 

I like to act over dramatic as a joke 

I’m a feminist and proud of it

Just because I left my laptop on or my document open, doesn’t mean I’m telling you it’s okay to have a look

I can be really impatient

I think I’ve made a lot of progress, but I can still be very awkward

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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