Character Prompt #1

The very first Character Prompt! This one is slightly different from Picture and Title, as it doesn’t necessarily require writing a story. If you want to write a short biography (name, age, personality etc.) that’s fine too. It’s totally up to you. The challenge for the Character Prompts is usually the same:

Turn the person in the above picture into a character.

If you’re participating, share the link of your character so I can take a look :) You can also write in the comments if you want.

My character:

Name: Yuzuki
Age: 327
Title: Queen of The Polar Kingdom
Personality: Coldhearted, arrogant, cunning, selfish, calm, honest
Special powers: Ice and snow magic
Background information: Yuzuki has been queen since the young age of 18. She may be coldhearted and selfish, but her kingdom has been prosperous under her reign. She won’t sentence someone to death because they disagree with her, but her own life does come before her people. As a Snowling (someone who can control snow and/or ice) she is immortal, but not invincible. There has been a few failed revolutions where her life was threatened, but there are no signs of a new revolution rising amongst the people.

Next week: Word Prompt

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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