End of the Year to Read List

2014 is almost over and I’m only five books away from completing my Goodreads Challenge. There are a lot of books I want/need to read, but these books I definitely want to read before the end of this year:

I’ve just finished Clockwork Prince, so once the testweek is over I’ll definitely treat myself to Clockwork Princess (and maybe a few other books too). I don’t know why I didn’t get The Iron Trial when it came out- Oh wait, I do. I had spent quite some money on books just the week before. Oops. And if you’ve read TMI and TID I think the need for The Bane Chronicles is self-explanatory.

I’ve waited so long for Waistcoats and Weaponry (actually I’m still waiting), so I definitely have to read it this year. I want to finish The Maze Runner trilogy this year (I know there’s still The Kill Order, but I’ve heard/read bad things about The Death Cure, so if I’m disappointed in the book I might not even read The Kill Order). I bought Merlin: The Lost Years this summer and it’s the only one of all the books I bought in the summer that I haven’t read yet. I feel bad. I’m sorry, I just haven’t been in the mood for you (yes, I talk to books. No, I’m not crazy).

I read Anna and the French Kiss two months ago and I loved it. I definitely (wow, I’ve said a lot of definitely in this post. So original) need to read Lola and Isla, and I need to do it before 2014 is over. I don’t know why, I just do.

Perfect for during the holidays right? I do hope John Green’s story won’t break my heart. Last year Doctor Who ruined my christmas. The year before that Merlin. How about a happy christmas where nothing fictional breaks my heart, eh?

– The Writing Hufflepuff


17 thoughts on “End of the Year to Read List

  1. I wasn’t too impressed with Let it Snow, it was nice enough but nothing amazing- however I’m looking forward to the anthology my true love gave to me! I’m gonna read it at the end of November :3

  2. Clockwork Princess and The Bane Chronicles are sooo good!!! I’ve purchased The Iron Trial but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Lola and Isla are just as good as Anna and the French Kiss (in my opinion) if not better.

  3. Wow, congrats on being so close to your goal! I just went and checked mine (since I had no clue) and I’m 10 away. I really like the Infernal Devices (and the Iron Trial) the Bane Chronicles could’ve been better, but there are enough gems in there to make it worth the read. I hope you like the Death Cure. I personally didn’t, but I know plenty of people who did. I’m so with you on Merlin and Doctor Who, why do they do this to us!?

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