Writer Things

There are just some things non-writers won’t understand. Just because I’m  a writer doesn’t mean I’ll write your biography. Leaving my document open is not an invite for you to read it. Here are some things I think most writers can relate to.

‘You write? Hey, you could write my biography!’

When you try to be funny:

Finding plot holes:

When you think of a great plot twist:

When people find out you’re a writer:

When you left your document open and people want to read it:

Meeting your fellow writers:

When doing research and you can’t find the answers you’re looking for:

When someone reads your work without asking:

When someone insults your writing:

When you’re still writing in the middle of the night:

When someone thinks they have a ‘great idea’ for your story:

The people closests to you:



– The Writing Hufflepuff


10 thoughts on “Writer Things

  1. YESS… This post totally spoke to me and I most definitely agree with you <3 <3 <3 My relatives are always pitching "great ideas" to me…and most of the time the ideas really won't work with what I'm doing anyway!.. Although I've never written in the middle of the night – mostly because I believe in getting my beauty sleep/rest. :P All the same I can so relate to this! (Sorry for the looong comment, I'm just so happy someone finally gets me!)

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