Word Prompt #1

The first Word Prompt on my blog! Like with the other prompts, the challenge is a guideline. If the challenge is to use word A and write no more than 500 words, but you want your story to be longer, go ahead! This month’s challenge:

Write a 500 or less word story. Use the words ‘doctor’, ‘doughnuts’ and ‘heart’.

If you participate, please share the link to your story in the comments so I can read it :) You can also write your story in the comments.

My story:

She looked up from her book as the doctor approached her. There was a grim look on her face.

Oh no, bad news. Her heart rate started picking up. Sweat started rolling down her forehead.

The doctor stopped in front of her. Leila put down her book slowly. There was a lump forming in her throat. The doctor bended towards her.

‘’Spit it out, Leila. Did you eat my doughnuts?’’

Oh no. She had been caught.

– The Writing Hufflepuff



5 thoughts on “Word Prompt #1

  1. Haha, I love yours. :-D
    I did it this time! *whoops* It was mostly based around doughnuts, but hey.

    Write using the words doctor, doughnut and heart
    I stood in the doorway and stared at the doughnut, alone in the box. The others must have bought them whilst I was out. Careless mistake, leaving them on the table.
    The three empty quarters of the box sat smugly in all their taunting glory and pointed towards the top right hand corner. The last of the doughnuts, sprinkled with sugar and doubtless filled with jam. I tried to look away.
    Don’t eat it.
    Some of the sugar had been rubbed off by the cardboard, and I could see a smattering had spilled onto the table. I knew how the crunch would feel in my mouth, how the unnaturally sweet strawberry jam would ooze out of the doughy ring. I knew how good it would taste.
    Don’t eat it.
    Didn’t I have enough willpower not to eat a stupid doughnut? I huffed out through my nose. The doctor had said that anything unmeasured could trigger my heart, but…it was just one doughnut.
    I pulled out the chair in front of the box.
    Don’t eat it.
    The voices in my head started to run together.
    I reached into the box.
    A key in the lock. A grunt as a shoulder connected with the door and an oompf as it opened.
    “Honey, where are you?”

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