Michelle is a Free Elf!

Well almost at least. My last test is in less than three hours, after that I’ll be given a piece of clothing and I’ll be free.

I’m so exhausted! I’m glad I queued some posts this week, ’cause otherwise this blog would have been dead. I did think of blogging a few times when I was done studying for the day, but I was so tired I ended up on my bed or the couch, watching Teen Wolf and Mulan (I’m rewatching all the Disney films, since it’s been so long and I saw most of them in Dutch).

Tomorrow I’ll treat myself to a nice book and I’ve convinced my mom to buy me one too (‘I’ve worked so hard!’). Tomorrow BookBlogWriMo starts, but since it’s also a new month, I’ll have two posts (hopefully) up tomorrow. I need to do my monthly wrap up after all. There will be two posts on one day a few times, for tags and reviews, since I’m not going to postpone them until next month! No more than two though, I’m not going to spam you guys haha. I just hope I won’t break down like I usually do after a test week. I’ll tell you more about my test week and the other stuff that happened this month tomorrow in the wrap up. I do have a busy day tomorrow (appointment at the optician, bookstore, art project to finish and a visit to my grandfather like every Saturday), so it might be Sunday. I promise it will be up this weekend, though!

– The Writing Hufflepuff


8 thoughts on “Michelle is a Free Elf!

  1. Glad you’re almost free! Good lucky with the test and enjoy those books tomorrow! – perfect way to celebrate :)

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