BookBlogWriMo Day 2

How You Read

BookBlogWriMo is hosted by Book Bumblings

I read paperback or hardcover, really depends on which one I encounter and the price. When a book has just come out and I’m desperate to get my hands on it, I’ll buy hardcover. I usually use this little guy as a bookmark:

foto 3 (8)

He reminds me of Harry Potter, because he has this little thread that looks a bit like a scar (which you can’t see in the photo) and obviously because of the glasses. And look how adorable he is.

WhenΒ I’m reading a second book for school, I’ll use a regular bookmark for that one, nothing special. I never dog ear books; I just can’t! I hardly ever take notes while reading. I just want to continue the reading experience and stopping to write something down just destroys the illusion of being in the world of the book.

– The Writing Hufflepuff


9 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo Day 2

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  2. It’s so funny to see that we both interpreted this prompt in such a different way. That’s my favorite thing about tags and things like this. It shows how everyone thinks differently!

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