Picture Prompt #2

Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures used in these prompts. If these are yours and you want to be credited on this page, please let me know in the comments. 

Another Picture Prompt! This one is slightly different from the last. Again, the challenge is more like a guideline:

Write the story behind this picture. What happened on November 14th? Why are Cheez-its no longer allowed? Word count is up to you.

If you’re participating, share the link of your story so I can read it! :) You can also write it in the comments if you want (if it fits).

My story

The students had gathered around the piece of paper hanging on the wall that had mysteriously appeared that morning. Though some laughed, they clearly weren’t amused.

”What do they mean Cheez-its are no longer allowed?”

”What am I supposed to eat now?”

”They can’t do this!”

There were only a few students, a very small group, that was not confused by the new rule. On the contrary, they were ashamed. To understand why they felt this way, we have to go back to November 14th, the day it all started.


It had started out as any normal evening. The small group of friends were gathered in the cafeteria. No one else was around. One of the friends, Kyle, was bored. A bored Kyle was never a good thing, as bad things always seemed to follow. Rabbits invading the school, exploding toilets, a fake cut off finger in everyone’s bed…

When his friends noticed Kyle’s boredom, they immediately started to get anxious. What was going to happen this time? Desperate as they were, they tried everything to keep him busy.

This, unfortunately, led to a food fight. Now, you might think a food fight wasn’t such a big deal, but the food fight was more like a Cheez-its fight, and when Mr. Collins stumbled upon the friends battling it out, he was definitely not amused.

”Cheez-its! Cheez-its everywhere! This is a disaster. A disgrace!”

”We’ll clean it up, sir.” Lee had said, but that was not good enough for Mr. Collins, who seemed to be horrified at the sight of the Cheez-its being everywhere.

”Dishonour on you all. Dishonour on your families! Dishonour on your cows!”

”We don’t have cows, sir.”

But cows or no cows, Mr. Collins swore that as long as he’d live, Cheez-its would no longer be allowed in the cafeteria.

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. There’s a reference to a certain film in here, did you catch it?




4 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #2

  1. lol I liked your answer! Of course noticed the Mulan quote, I love that movie! I pictured one of those April fools day pranks where they glued cheezits to everything. I wonder what the real story was behind the picture?

  2. My story:
    Mikey, a kind boy with curly and medium sized hair (nowhere near shoulders), was eating Cheez-its for lunch. Chloe, a girl who had bangs and fluttery eyelashes, had a crush on Mikey and was sitting next to him, eating yogurt after she had finished her Cheez-its. Mikey had a crush on Chloe, too, so just as Chloe was going to put her arm around Mikey, he winced from the excitement and dropped his Cheez-its. Since everyone in the school loved Cheez-its, everyone turned around and yelled, “Cheez-its!” and “OMG! CHEEZ-ITS!” and stuff like that. Some even scrambled to the floor to try to grab some clean Cheez-its. Mr. Rennid, the cranky cafeteria monitor, boomed, “This</em is unacceptable!" and drifted away. This left the children in chatter and confusion. The next day, a sign was posted on a wall saying Cheez-its were banned in the cafeteria. Mikey and Chloe on each other. And that was what banned the amazing treat from the cafeteria on November 14, who knows what year.

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