I’m leaving for Barcelona tomorrow- I’m so excited! There’s still a lot to do (packing, updating my iPod, charging everything that needs to be charged etc.), but I wanted to say goodbye to you guys! I’ll be in Barcelona until Saturday, but I have posts scheduled (after all I can’t miss these week’s BookBlogWriMo prompts) so you guys won’t even know that I’m gone! (except I probably won’t read your posts, I’m sorry! I’ll catch up when I get back, though I hope WordPress reader won’t mess up like it suddenly did yesterday. It went from three days ago to a few hours ago, so I’m afraid I missed a lot of posts!)


– The Writing Huffelpuff



3 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. My wordpress app on my phone does that all of the time, I’m constant having to uninstall and reinstall the thing.

    Have fun in Barcelona!

    I think a Christmas card swap is a great idea! I don’t mind sending to multiple people, I get more cards that way! :) I’d rather the other person picked the card than tried to find one to my specific (and strange) likes though. Something that looks like them would much cooler!

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