Book Blog Name Tag

Always Opinionated Girl created this fun new tag where you have to think of a character for every letter in your blog name. Here goes!

Tessa Gray
Harry Potter
Etienne St. Claire
Will Herondale
Ron Weasley
Isabelle Lightwood
Ivy Tunstell
Nico di Angelo
Ginny Weasley
Hermione Granger
Umbridge (really didn’t want to choose her but I can’t think of characters with  U)
Fred Weasley
Frank Zhang
Luna Lovegood
Percy Jackson
Ursula (I’m sure there’s an Ursula in some book)
Fleur Delacour

This was really difficult! I have way too many F’s in my name and characters with  U? Where are you? I hereby want to start a petition for authors to give their characters a name with a U. I swear the only one I could think of was Umbridge. Then I thought of Eugene (Tangled), but he isn’t a book character. Neither is Ursula from The Little Mermaid (I checked, in the fairy tale she was just called ‘sea witch’).

For some reason it’s just really hard to think of characters, when I love so many! It’s odd, really.

Alright, I’ll tag a few people (and everyone who wants to do this of course! But beware: it is hard. Unless when you have a really short and easy name I guess!):

By Hook or By Book
Drown in Melancholy
Inspired by Literature
Serenity Books


7 thoughts on “Book Blog Name Tag

  1. *racks brain* I can’t think of any U characters either…

    I started this on the way home from school (I needed some entertainment, okay) so…could I join in on the tag too? :-)

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