BookBlogWriMo Day 25

How You Deal with Book Hangovers

If you’ve never had a book hangover, you’re lying. Okay, maybe you’re not, but there’s a high chance you’ve had one once. There are several stages after finishing a book.

Stage 1: Wait what where is the rest this can’t be the end no what is this shit

Stage 2: Denial

Stage 3: Realizing that it’s really over

Stage 4: What am I supposed to do with my life

Stage 5: Not being able to get into a new book (this was me starting Throne of Glass after Clockwork Princess. ‘Where are Tessa, Will, Jem- oh never mind, wrong book’)

Stage 6: Getting ‘sober’ and falling in love with a new book (hopefully)

And then it all starts again. This is basically how my book hangover goes. I usually give myself some time and then start a new book.

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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