Character Prompt #2

Last week I skipped the prompt, because I wasn’t feeling well and really wasn’t up to doing a prompt. Technically this was supposed to be a Worldbuilding, Word or Sentence Prompt, but I’m more in the mood for a Character Prompt. Maybe I’ll make up for missing the Worldbuilding/Word/Sentence Prompt, as December has five Wednesdays… We’ll see.

Today’s Character Prompt is slightly different from last month’s:

Write a character who’d have this in their room. It can be a biography, a short story, poem etc.Β 

If you’re participating, share the link of your character so I can take a look :) You can also write in the comments if you want.

My character:

Name: Patty
Age: 15
Personality: Outgoing, adventurous, short-tempered, bit oblivious, supportive, creative, can be bossy
Loves: Reading, her friends, travelling, collecting things for her cork board
Hates: Being made fun of, spoilers, disloyalty
Background story: Patty loves reading, especially classics. Her favourites are those from the 19th century, as she has been obsessed with that century ever since she was small. Reading books that were written during that century makes her feel like she’s actually there. Sometimes she wishes Victorian dresses would come back in fashion, but than she is reminded that those dresses are impractical nowadays.
Her cork board changes from time to time, showing what is keeping her busy. She puts up pictures of potential haircuts, pictures of singers she is currently obsessing over, funny notes from her friends passed to her in class etc. She always takes a picture after rearranging it.
The most important thing on her bucket list is visiting all the settings of her favourite books.

Next week: Since it’s the first Wednesday of December, it will be a Picture Prompt

– The Writing Hufflepuff


2 thoughts on “Character Prompt #2

  1. Man, I really wish I lived in the 19th century…I mean, come on?! In that period, every dress would have been hand-tailored for you and if you were in the upper classes, you were expected to get new dresses done all the time. It was like being a fashion designer without having to make everything yourself…

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