Picture Prompt #3

Disclaimer: I do not own this picture. If this is yours and you want to be credited on this page, please let me know in the comments. 

Again, the challenge is just a guideline. Feel free to write whatever you want!

Write a story based on this picture. POV is up to you. The visitor, the one being visited, both, a bystander… Less than 500 words. 

If you’re participating, share the link of your story so I can read it! :) You can also write it in the comments if you want (if it fits).

My story:

I looked as the girl happily ran to hug the man. Both their cheeks were wet, but they were laughing. Dying isn’t so bad if heaven has visiting hours, is it? 


Dying is worse when heaven has visiting hours. 

Imagine every day at five family and friends meeting up with the dead. Imagine everyone smiling and laughing as they switch stories. And the hugging. Oh how much I hated the hugging. 

I have been here for months now, but no one has come to visit. Not my mother. Not my father. Not my little brother. Not one friend. Hell, I would’ve even liked if one of my teachers had come to check up on me. But no, not one living soul had come.

Had I been such a horrible person? Did no one love me? Was I not worth visiting? Was I not worth a hug, a smile, a tear? 

Or was I less important than their busy lives? Had they already forgotten about me? I wish I could disappear. I wish it could be over. But there’s nothing after this. This is it. I will be stuck here in heaven. Waiting, praying, begging that someone will visit me. 

Well, that escalated quickly. At first I was going to end this happily, but… I don’t know what happens. Sometimes it’s like my mind has a mind of it’s own. Wait what. I think it’s time for me to stop writing, as I’ve begun typing weird things (my mind has a mind of it’s own???).

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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