I Have Been Spoiled by Sinterklaas

Yesterday evening I celebrated Sinterklaas with my family. Sinterklaas is a lot like Santa Claus, as Santa is based on Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas always arrives in the Netherlands about two weeks before December 5th and children are allowed to set their shoe in front of the fireplace and the next morning they’ll find a present from Sint. Obviously you can’t set your shoe every day before December 5th, as Sinterklaas and his helpers have to visit a lot of children! On December 5th it’s ‘pakjesavond’ and Sinterklaas and his helpers will leave jute bags full of presents in front of the door. Sometimes he actually comes inside, but usually he doesn’t as he’s a busy man, especially on December 5th.
My five-year old nephew obviously got the most, as he – his own words – is the sweetest of us all. I also got some presents, three of which were a surprise.

Panda thights, Bloomsbury’s new Harry Potter box set, The Fault in Our Stars mug and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. I had been playing from eight o’clock this morning until around three this afternoon, so I decided to take a break as I don’t want to finish it too soon! I’m so in love with this game, just like I was with the original when it came out. Sapphire was the first game that I kind of new what I was doing, as I could read a little bit and I just love the Hoenn region and the story. You have no idea how excited I was when they announced the remake. I could talk for hours about the remake, even though I’m not that far in yet, but I don’t want to bore you guys, haha. This time I’m going to try to catch them all, so wish me luck!

Hogwarts T-shirt and Thumper socks! I’m already wearing the socks. They’re so soft and warm and cute! I didn’t expect these gifts.

Nor did I expect this one! Here’s a close-up, as you can’t really see the pandas in the first photo. And here are some more photos of my Harry Potter box set, as I couldn’t resist:

I now own all books in English, so I’ll be reading them all in English for the first time! I’ll probably reread them this year, after I’ve finished Waistcoats and Weaponry and Let it Snow.

I had a lot of fun last night and laughed a lot; I can’t wait till Christmas!

– The Writing Huffelpuff


12 thoughts on “I Have Been Spoiled by Sinterklaas

  1. *_* The books…the whole freakin’ box set! :D How awesome is that? And you got a TFIOS mug! (Those tights look so cute, imagine those pandas just peeking out? So adorable!). Thanks for sharing about Sinterklaas, I didn’t know there was a different version of Christmas in Norway! (It sounds far better than normal Christmas, especially the rule about not stepping foot near the fireplace!)

    • I know! :D I’m so happy with everything!

      We celebrate Christmas here in The Netherlands as well :) Sinterklaas is more for the children (adults do get candy haha), while Christmas is for everyone (children usually get less expensive presents though, otherwise the adults will be broke by the end of December haha).

  2. Wow. Can I just move to the Netherlands with you? That just sounds so awesome! And oh my gosh. The boxed set as well as the mug and the Pokémon game. *heart eyed emoji face* The story you said of Sinterklaas is kind of like something that you would see in Mexico. You also set out your pair of shoes and you get money. It’s from Los Reyes Magos. In the morning you wake up, and there is the money tucked away in your shoe. Thanks for sharing! It’s super fun to know what other cultures and countries celebrate.

  3. My family celebrates Sinterklaas, too, except we don’t live in the Netherlands and he’s Saint Nicholas instead. :) We also do it on the 6th instead. I can’t wait to see what I get tonight! Those Harry Potter books and shirt and TFIOS mug look amazing. :) The Thumper Socks are adorable!

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