I’ve been back from Barcelona for three weeks now. It was a lot of fun, though very exhausting and I came back ill. I do think it was worth it though, and I can’t wait to visit again. As none of my friends are really interested in art, architecture and history, I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see, so I definitely need to go back. Not to mention I haven’t eaten all the food I wanted to eat! Thank Merlin I had the opportunity to eat calamares!

Here are some of my favourite pictures:

I didn’t notice the man in the mirror at first! This was a cafe with one part like a fairy tale forest and the other a creepy mansion.


Picture with one of the teachers!


The Sagrada Familia was definitely one of my favourite places to visit.


I mean, look!


One of my friends had to withdraw money and we really liked the camera, so obviously we had to take a selfie haha.


We read Don Quijote for Spanish last semester, so we thought it was pretty cool to see this guy dressed up as him.


Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to go inside Casa Batllo, but one day!


– The Writing Hufflepuff




8 thoughts on “Barcelona!

  1. Sorry to hear that you got sick. It looks like a lot of fun though! I always have a list of places I want to eat at when I go somewhere new! Sagrada Familia is gorgeous! I’m glad you had a good time!

  2. Oh wow, the Sagrada Familia looks impressing! Have you also been to Parc GΓΌell? And when have you been there? The weather looks amazing. I am going there in March, so I hope the weather will be as good :)

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