Song Prompt #1

I usually post a Title Prompt on the second Wednesday of the month, but I have no inspiration today for one of those, so I decided to come up with a new kind of prompt: Song Prompt. Basically I pick out a song and write a story inspired by the song. So from now on I will post either a Title or a Song Prompt on the second Wednesday of the month, depending on my mood and inspiration.

Today’s song is Comes and Goes by Greg Laswell, a song I’m pretty much addicted to nowadays:

It’s such a beautiful and inspirational song.

The challenge for the Song Prompt will always be the same:

Write a story inspired by this song.

Obviously you can also write a poem or something else. If you’re participating, share the link of your story so I can read it! :) You can also write it in the comments if you want (if it fits).

My story:

I was used to everyone leaving me behind.
I was used to the pain in my chest and the tears on my cheeks.
I should have seen it coming. Why am I surprised?

It felt like the ground was disappearing from under my feet.
Darkness swallowed my vision.
No. No, I had to get up.
There was still Kai to think off.
I wasn’t alone. Not completely. Not yet.

I had to keep my promise.
For Kai. For Mom.
I wondered if she remembers us.
Would she come back?
Would she keep her promise?

Kai looked at me with his big brown eyes.
Mom had always dotingly called him her puppy.
Things were good then. We were happy.
How did we go from that happy family,
To this?

Sometimes I feel like giving up.
Giving up on everything and everyone.
Mom had told me to keep faith,
But how could I?
When yet another person had walked out on me?
When yet another person had left me for good?

No, I had to stay strong.
I have to believe, if only for it’s sake.
I have to get up now.
Now, before Kai realizes something is wrong.
He has already lost his mother’s love.
He can’t lose mine too.

I had to keep my promise.
For Kai. For Grandma.
I wondered if she’s looking down on us.
Would she be disappointed in me?
Would she be disappointed in Mom?

Grandma always said that happiness comes and goes in waves.
I always asked her why.
Why can’t we always be happy? Why does happiness have to go away?
Grandma always just smiled, and repeated her wise words.
‘It comes and goes in waves, sweatheart, just remember that.’
I used to wonder why I even tried,
If happiness always leaves, why bother?
Because it doesn’t just go, it also comes.
That’s what Grandma tried to teach me.
I understand now. I do.
I look at Kai and smile.
He shows me a big, goofy grin.
Maybe Mom will never come back, but that’s okay.

I just need to stand up and try again.
Maybe I’ll need a hand, but I’ll find someone.
Even if they eventually leave too,
It will be worth loving them,
Just like it was worth loving Mom, Dad, Grandma and the rest of them.
I can do this.
I just have to remember:
It comes and goes in waves.

– The Writing Hufflepuff



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