Bookish Goals 2015: Finish These Series

As this is the last month of December I’ve decided to make some goals for next year! I’ve started a lot of series this year and the years before. I really need to catch up with these books, especially since more and more books keep coming out! (duh). So here are the series I will try to finish or catch up to next year:

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel 

Read: (4/6)

This one is on the top of my list, as I own all the books now. From here on it’s in no particular order.

The Lunar Chronicles

Read: (1/3)

There are currently three books out (correct me if I’m wrong), so it shouldn’t be hard to catch up before Winter comes out!

Confessions of Georgia Nicholson

Read: (2/10)

I can read these books in a day. The only reason I haven’t yet is because I don’t own them. Soon…

Throne of Glass

Read: (1/3)

Not counting Assassin’s Blade. Book four comes out in September, so I should be able to read the other two before that. I’m also really excited to read more about Celaena, so I’m pretty sure I’ll succeed.

The Maze Runner Trilogy

Read: (2/3)

Lorien Legacies

Read: (1/5)

I Am Number Four wasn’t the best book I read this year, but I really enjoyed it and I’m curious to see what happens next!

Cormoran Strike

Read: (1/2)

I enjoyed The Cuckoo’s Calling, and The Silkworm sounds even better!

Geek Girl

Read: (1/3)

I absolutely loved Geek Girl and I just need the other books.

Also Known As

Read: (1/2)

I really enjoyed this one. I always love spies and Maggie was an awesome protagonist. Not to mention this book was really funny too.

Hex Hall

Read: (1/3)

Hex Hall ended with quite the cliffhanger and I should have read Demon Glass a while ago. I have to admit I kind of forgot about this series, until I came across a review somewhere on WordPress, which reminded me of this series. I don’t remember who you were, but thanks anyway, haha!

Princess Academy

Read: (1/2)

I just found out there are three books out! Never mind; I just found out that third book is coming out. I picked up Princess Academy for about three euros. It sounded like a simple fun book that wouldn’t rip my heart out, but it was so much more!

These are the series I have started and definitely want to finish. There are more series I have started, but either I’m not sure whether I want to continue them or I have already dropped them. Are any of these series on your TBR? Or if you’ve already read them, what did you think?

– The Writing Hufflepuff


18 thoughts on “Bookish Goals 2015: Finish These Series

  1. I have a couple of series (not really any of these apart from throne of glass, cos I’ve read all 3 so far haha), which I definitely need to try and complete next year, like Under the Never Sky trilogy, Noughts and Crosses series and blood red road

  2. I like your idea for a new years resolution (sort of) Yes! You have to catch up on Cinder so you’re ready for Winter! I personally (though I might be the only one) didn’t like Death Cure. Throne of Glass is on my to read list! At least I don’t have this problem, once I start a series I can’t stop!

  3. The Secret Immortal Life of Nicholas Flemmel…I read this when it was first coming out (The Sorceress was yet to be published)…and I fell in love with how the author merged everything together. So awesome. Soon I had gotten my hands on The Sorceress but some of the story had slipped out of my mind by then. SO jealous of the fact that you own the books! I need them all (so I can start from the beginning which I can still vaguely remember).

    • I started them too when they first came out, but at some point I got behind!

      That’s exactly what I loved about these books! :) I’m still not sure whether I should reread the first four before I read the last too, as I’m afraid I’ve forgotten a lot!

  4. This is a good idea, last week I decided on doing a New Year book resolutions post on the first of January. I have to say I did not think to put finishing series onto my list. It’s a good idea. I loved the Hex Hall series, I keep meaning to do a reread. Hope you enjoy it when you finish it.

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