Bookish Goals 2015: Rereads

There are quite a few books that I badly want to reread, so here’s another bookish goals! Merlin, this is the third one and I’m planning on a fourth; I’ll be busy next year!

I assume I’ll have finished my Harry Potter reread before the end of next year, but if I haven’t it will be added to this list later on.

De Macht van het Zwaard series

foto (11)

I’ve talked about this series before and I really need to reread. It’s been years, it was one of my favourite series back then and I hardly remember anything! I hope I’ll enjoy them just as much as I did when I was younger.


Definitely one of my favourite books this year. As soon as I had finished it I wanted to reread it already!

Anna and the French Kiss

Same with Fangirl- I wanted to reread as soon as I had finished it! After having read Lola and especially after I read Isla, I just need to go back to Paris with Anna and St. Claire.

Lola and the Boy Next Door

After Isla I just need to read this again. Lola and Cricket are just so cute.

might reread more, but I don’t want to reread to much. I’ve set more challenges for myself and my TBR on Goodreads is getting bigger and bigger, so I shouldn’t spend too much time rereading! Not to mention I might try to set a bigger Goodreads goal for myself next week. Who knows, maybe even 100?

– The Writing Hufflepuff


11 thoughts on “Bookish Goals 2015: Rereads

  1. Fangirl is definitely a book I need to read! It’s awesome (and it’s been out for ages) so my prospects are looking good!

  2. haha I have lots of book goals for next year too. I plan to reread harry potter next year and the guards series in discworld. Good luck achieving your goals! I don’t know what I’m going to make my Goodraeds goal, I guess I’ll have to see if I achieve this one or not.

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