The Christmas Tag

Tonight is Christmas Eve, which means tomorrow is Christmas!! (no shit Sherlock) Happy Christmas Eve everyone and I hope you’ll have lots of fun tomorrow if you celebrate. Of course I also hope you guys get lots of books, haha.

Twist in the Taile tagged me to do the Christmas Tag, and what better day to post this than Christmas Eve? (well Christmas Day itself of course, but oh well).

Here we go!

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

A Princess for Christmas! They’re airing it on tv tonight, so I’m making my mom watch it with me, haha. It’s just the perfect film for this time of the year: a feel good romantic comedy taking place around Christmas. And I love Katie McGrath.

2. Favorite festive food?

3. Favorite Christmas gift ?

Last year my grandfather gave me this beauty:

I love it so much. Alice is one of my favourite books. I love Carroll’s poems (though I still haven’t completely worked my way through yet, it’s really heavy to hold, haha) and the book itself is just gorgeous. I should hold a photo shoot one day, haha.

4. Favorite Christmas scent?

Food, haha.

5. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Not really. Just spending it with the family and eating lots of food.

6. What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

I just love the atmosphere of Christmas. It’s not like I never see my family, but it just feels different when you see them with Christmas!

7. What do you want for Christmas?

Books of course! Also Disney Magical World (which I already received last Saturday when I celebrated with just my mom and grandfather). I’ve picked out the books myself, haha.

8. What shape of chocolate did you get in your advent calendar today?

I have a Muppets advent calendar. Today I ate the Swedish Chef (that sounds like cannibalism haha)

I tag everyone who’s in a Christmassy mood!

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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