Christmas Has Passed

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I had a lot of fun on Christmas Day with the family and I had a lot of good food of course.


Especially all the chocolate and ice cream…

My nephew didn’t even shut up for a second. I’m not kidding. His father drove my mom and I home, so I was sitting with my nephew in the back and he kept talking on and on. At some point I couldn’t follow him anymore and he asked me ”Mimi, are you still following me?” (my cousins made sure that I was known to him as Mimi ever since he could talk haha). He also got really deep at some point and stared out of the window:

”I’m getting old.”

”I’m already five years old.”
”How old are you, Mimi?”
”That’s old.”
I swear I was trying so hard not to laugh, haha. But back in time, as a lot more happened! When we finally got to open our presents he calmed down a bit as he was busy playing with his new toys (he already managed to break his new pirate knife, because he was using it like a hammer), but soon he was back to talking non-stop.

I had to hold on to the ribbon he put through the holes in the chair. I don’t think even he knew what he was trying to do. At some point my mom was standing on the other side, also holding on to the ribbon and he expected us to keep standing like that haha

I swear this kid. At 11 in the evening (when they were driving us home) he was still hyperactive. When I was his age I couldn’t stay up that long, even when it was Christmas or New Years Eve.



I actually got most of these last Saturday when I celebrated with my mom and grandfather. On Thursday I received the books from my Secret Santa (my grandfather, I already knew and picked out the books myself haha). I can’t wait to start reading these! And I’m already really addicted to Disney Magical World. If you love Disney, get this game. Seriously.

Later in the evening (unfortunately my grandfather had already been picked up) we played a board game called ‘Onvoorspelbaar’ (unpredictable). It’s from a Dutch comedian and it’s the perfect game if you want to have a good laugh. We didn’t have enough pawns, so we paired up. I paired up with my nephew, who was very enthusiastic and made up his own rules haha. He also wanted to cheat, which I initially approved of but then thought better of it. I’m supposed to be a good example after all.

There are different rounds in this game, but my favourites are drawing blindly and impersonating famous people or jobs etc. My nephew loved drawing blindly. He also loved the sleeping mask that came with it and put it on constantly (”I can’t see!” No shit Sherlock haha).

After the game my mom and I had to go home, as we thought we had to catch the bus/tram and didn’t want to miss the last one. Our cousin would drive us to the stop, but decided to drive us home instead (without telling us, so we were really confused at first). My nephew actually wanted to come up, but I told him he couldn’t as he had to go to bed (”I’m not tired.” ”No, but I am.” Especially after a half an hour drive with him talking non stop).

All in all it was a fun afternoon and evening! I hope you guys had just as much fun as I did, ate delicious food and received great presents!

– The Writing Hufflepuff


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