The End of The World a.k.a. The End of the Holidays

It’s the fourth day of January and almost the last day of the Christmas holidays…

Yes Ron, yes we can. I’m so not ready for school to start again, mainly because it’s the last normal school week before DAM DAM DAM the test week *dead*.

Not only do I have a horrible schedule, they decided that we should go ice skating after the last test. Yes, that’s a great idea. Why don’t you give me three exams on one day, so that we can go bloody ice skating on Friday. BRILLIANT PLAN.

These next two weeks will be very busy, so I’ll try to get some posts scheduled. I already have one, I think. I can’t find my scheduled posts all of a sudden. I clicked on publish (for some reason it didn’t say schedule) and then it actually published, though it did say ‘published on January 9th’, which is really weird. Thankfully I got to copy the post and paste it in Word, so it’s not lost. We’ll see if it gets posted on Friday. If you don’t see any posts from me at all these next two weeks, know that WordPress has made them disappear.

On another note, I’m really addicted to two songs. I was only addicted to one until Short Story Long‘s post introduced me to Ordinary Human by OneRepublic. I haven’t read The Giver nor have I seen the movie yet, but I love this song. The other song I’m addicted to is Monster by Imagine Dragons (here is my top ten of their songs, which isn’t very accurate anymore, as it doesn’t include Monster and Warriors).

Enjoy these two songs and let’s hope WordPress doesn’t continue to eat my scheduled posts *sigh*. If you’re starting school again this week, good luck! If not, good luck with everything else in your life.

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. Sorry for my dramatic title. For some reason I’m in a dramatic mood (in a playful way, don’t worry).


13 thoughts on “The End of The World a.k.a. The End of the Holidays

  1. I like ice skating, so that sounds like a treat after exams, but I guess if you find it scary then that kind of sucks. I’m glad you like the song, though. Good luck on your tests!

  2. I’m with you. I refuse to go back to the usual grunt and woodwork once the holiday is over. I love Imagine Dragons and “Monster” is a terrific song! :D Good luck on the three exams. Like a true Hufflepuff, I’m sure you’ll ace them all. ;) (P.S. Are you in Pottermore? If yes, I’m curious: What house did the Sorting Hat put you in?)

  3. Eugh, so many years of school and university, and yet that panic feeling of returning to deadlines and testing has never gone away! You’d think we’d become desensitized after a while right?! Alas..

    Also, I just noticed your Pikachu toy on your instagram sidebar and it is THE CUTEST OF CUTE THINGS.

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