The Chosen Ones: Main Characters

I apologize if this gets posted twice. I can’t find it anywhere, not among my scheduled posts anyway, so I’m pretty sure WordPress has decided to make it disappear, but just in case if it does get posted twice, sorry for the spam! 

I’ve talked quite a bit about my novel ‘The Army of Quermo’, the first book in ‘The Chosen Ones’ series (here, here and here), but today I thought I’d introduce you guys to my main characters, or at least the teens, mainly because now I have a cast! They’re not 100% exactly what I imagined my characters to look like, and they are slightly older than my characters in the first book, but you can’t have everything.

Crystal Reed as Rose Clarke
Logan Lerman as Damien van Liere
Tyler Posey as Dan Eckhardt
Lucy Hale as Ashelle Zonneveld
Skyler Samuels as Sophie Huigswee
Benjamin Stone as Mick Petersen

Rose Clarke was a normal girl of fourteen years old. She, like everybody else, went to school everyday (okay, not everybody went to school everyday), made her homework (something not everybody does either) and had two great friends who she could share everything with. Okay, maybe not everything. Her best friend Ashelle Zonneveld definitely didn’t know about everything that happened in Rose her life. This all had to do with the fact that Rose wasn’t such a normal girl as she seemed at first sight after all. 

She knew Damien didn’t like him either, but Damien didn’t like a lot of people. He was a suspicious person and it took a long time to win his trust. 

Ashelle was one of the most beautiful people she knew, inside and out.

Dan doesn’t appear until book two, so the following quote might not actually appear in the book.

The most curious thing about the boy was, though, the fact he had a tail. 

Rose had always wondered why the two were friends. Not that she liked Sophie, afterall it was her fault she had been temporarily suspended, but Sophie had been different before Petra had moved to Hellburgh. If Rose hadn’t known her before she would have found the two a perfect match, but this wasn’t the case. Before Sophie had never gossiped or said something mean about someone, but this all changed after Petra’s arrival.

Micks eyes sparkled, like they always did when he spoke of books.

So these are most of the main characters from my series! Once I’ve ‘casted’ the main adults, I’ll introduce them to you guys as well. I can’t wait to share more of this series with you guys (though not too much, as I don’t want people stealing my baby).

– The Writing Hufflepuff



13 thoughts on “The Chosen Ones: Main Characters

  1. I love when you post about your book and your characters! They all sound so interesting and whenever I finish reading your posts I want to know more! I also love the character collages, it looks like a lot of fun :)

  2. I should do this! I really need to develop one of my characters, as she’s going to be my main character of my next book! I just finished the first draft of my first book!!!
    You’re book sounds really good, and if it gets translated to English or I learn dutch i will definitely read it.( The first of those is more likely!)

  3. […] Last time I introduced you guys to the teenage main characters. This time it’s the adults’ turn! Again, not 100% the same (like Elicia actually has shorter hair and Lara actually has a hooked nose), but they’re as perfect as possible (it would be quite creepy to find someone that looks exactly like you imagined your character would look like, you know, without dying their hair or a wig, make-up etc.). […]

  4. […] I introduced the main teens of my wip – It’s interesting, because I changed two of the characters ‘actors’ (I’m not the only one who finds it helpful to ‘cast’ actors right?). I wasn’t very happy with Ashelle and Mick’s in the first place, but they were the closest thing I could find. Lucy Hale’s size and personality fit Ashelle, but she doesn’t look like how I pictured Ashelle at all. And I don’t know why I thought Benjamin Stone looked like Mick. I guess it’s I saw a gif of him and Skyler Samuels and in that moment they looked like Mick and Sophie […]

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