I Live


Well sort of. After exhaustion, headaches, dizzyness, stress and mental breakdowns, I’m back! It felt so good yesterday coming home, lying on the couch not having to worry about studying and revising and that exam the next day. I watched The Lion King, Toy Story and Cinderella in a row and I hardly moved from the couch. Even thinking of getting up tired me haha.

But these exams are over, and even though I have to finish this extremely boring book for school for next Friday and I have an assignment due in two weeks, I feel good. The assignment is with my friend and we’re almost there. The book is roughly 200 pages and realy large letters (HELL YEAH) and I have a great new time table for school. I don’t have to worry about exams for a little while now. I can write and read and blog again (I swear the only thing I read were textbooks. After studying I was too exhausted to read. All the letters went blurry- so annoying!) and sleep. Like proper sleep.

Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know I’m alive and well (sort of) and that you can expect a lot more posts than the last two weeks (I wish I could’ve scheduled more, but I just didn’t have the time). I’ll also finally read your blogs again!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. It makes me so sad that my Goodreads Challenge is on 0. Why can’t you accept rereads, Goodreads? Why oh why?


14 thoughts on “I Live

  1. So happy you’re back! I know how to fix the Goodreads situation :) You just click remove from your shelves, currently reading and then read. I had to do the same thing because I’m re-reading Harry Potter. Again, glad that you’re relieved of exams and stress-free!

  2. Hooray!! The end of exam season is seriously the best feeling ever. That’s how I always feel after AP exams- I suddenly have all the free time in the world and it’s amazing! :)

  3. Glad to hear you’ve made it through exams! I think the worst part of exams is all the textbook readings and thinking “wow, imagine how many books I could have finished by now for fun”. But I must admit getting a good grade at the end is definitely worth it! I hope you aced them :)

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