The Chosen Ones: Main Characters Part 2

Last time I introduced you guys to the teenage main characters. This time it’s the adults’ turn! Again, not 100% the same (like Elicia actually has shorter hair and Lara actually has a hooked nose), but they’re as perfect as possible (it would be quite creepy to find someone that looks exactly like you imagined your character would look like, you know, without dying their hair or a wig, make-up etc.).

Anthony Stewart Head as Egbert Clarke
Amanda Seyfried as Elicia Vink
BJ Britt as Nicholas de Ster
Sarah Rafferty as Lara Musscher
James Franco as Joe Dekker
Hugh Dancy as Stephen Vink
Sherri Saum as Daphne Smit
Luke Evans as Scott Pratt

”Oh, come on Eggie.”
Okay, that was the last straw. Egbert got up from his desk, grabbed Joe by his collar and dragged him out of his office. He locked the door from the inside, so that Joe couldn’t enter. The man banged on the door a few times (”Eggie, don’t be mean! Let me in, Eggie!”) before he gave up and went back to this own office. Egbert hated it when people called him ‘Eggie’ (another nickname Rose had made up during her childhood). The only ones who were allowed to call him that were Rose, Ashelle and Damien, though the latter hardly ever called him that anymore.

Elicia’s past, everything she had been through, had made her into who she was today. Suddenly Rose understood her enthusiastic manners- why be sad, when you can be happy instead? Life was short, she and Elicia knew that better than anyone. 

Elicia hasn’t appeared in the second draft yet, so I’m not sure if this line will be in it.

Nicholas de Ster turned out to be a relaxed teacher, who didn’t care whether you paid attention or not (‘You’ll be in trouble at the test, not me.’), but the class was so fascinated by his class that everyone paid attention, even Petra Adelen, who usually observed the class and wrote her observations down in her notebook (Ashelle amusedly called it ‘The Big Gossipbook’).

Rose nodded, but Musscher looked at her incredulously. Her brown eyes bored into Rose her blue/green ones and for one reason or another Musscher reminded her in that moment of a hawk. Maybe it was because the woman was looking at her with such a piercing look that Rose automatically looked at Musscher’s nose. Jesus, that was a hooked nose like Rose had never seen before. Funny that she had never noticed.

Except Sarah Rafferty doesn’t have a hooked nose, she is perfect for Lara.

After cleaning up the mess and everyone had finished their pie, Egbert and Damien decided to connect the CD player. This was easier said than done, partly because Joe kept circling around them with ‘tips’.
”Can someone throw Joe out of my house?” Egbert asked irritated, after anoter ‘tip’ (”It’s a rather boring CD player, why don’t you paint it? My face would look brilliant on it.”). Joe got the hint and quickly sat down on the couch.

Once I saw the gif of James Franco in that cat costume, I knew he was the perfect Joe.

Rose didn’t know much about Stephen’s life. She knew he had a daughter, but the mother had never been mentioned. Stephen was apparently married, but Rose had the ominous feeling that his wife was no longer among them. 

The woman next to the Wise One was Daphne Smit, the Guardian of the previous Chosen Ones. The pain in her eyes was unbearable. 

Daphne didn’t even exist in the first draft and has so far only appeared once in the second draft, but I love her and want her to play a big(ger) role.

”Mister Hooft, if I may be so bold…” Scott started.
”No, you may not Scott.”
”Rose and Damien have the right to be there. They’re fourteen, the age at which the Chosen Ones start with the real work. Why should they not be allowed to attend a meeting?”

So here are the main adults! I think I’ll introduce you guys to some important minor characters one day as well, and of course the villains!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

Ps. I just realised that the only ones who really smile in the first collage are Elicia and Joe. You guys have no idea how accurate that is haha.


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