How To Deal With Stress

Inspiration for this post came to me during my last testweek, as I was dealing with a lot of stress. Stress isn’t healthy, we all know that, so I thought I’d try and write some tips for myself and for you guys how to minimize your stress (I know myself, I’ll be stressed anyway, but I never want to be as stressed again as I was last month).

Deal with one thing at a time

You may have 99 problems but you can’t deal with them all at once. Name everything that you’re stressing about, write them down even. Now come up with solutions for all of these problems and tackle them all seperately. Deal with the urgent ones first. If you can’t think of any solutions…

Talk with someone you’re comfortable with

You can do this before the other one as well, of course. There is no order to do these things, these are just things I’ve found useful over the past years.

Whenever I’m really stressed out (or even a little stressed), I always feel better after having talked to it about my mom. She told me to deal with one thing at a time and helps me come up with solutions. Guys, having a solution or hearing that it’s not a problem that you should stress about or whatever, is such a relief. Or at least for me. I hope it will be/is for you too.

If you’ve done your best, than worrying won’t make it better



I have this pinned on my cork board, because I find it inspiring and helpful. Though I have to admit that during one of my breakdowns last month I sarcastically said ‘Easier said than done, Walt’, but hey, that was the stress talking. Usually I find this quote very calming, because Walt is right. You can’t do any more than your best, like my mom always used to tell me when I was younger, so why worry? Especially when indeed worrying doens’t do anything to make it better or solve your problems.


This is probably the hardest thing to do on this list. At least for me. Whenever I’m really stressed and I take a break, I stress even more.

Your body needs a rest though, so take it.

Don’t take your textbook to the toilet with you to study. Drink a cup of tea. Talk to parents/siblings/friends/neighbours/pets/stuffed animal/anyone. But stay away from strangers! (my motherly instinct kicked in, sorry about that).

Lie down for a few minutes. Read a bit (though that may be a bad thing to advice to bookworms, who will read until morning and then not having done anything at all will stress even more. If you’re like this, forget I told you to read a bit). Watch an episode of your favourite tv show (a cheerful episode, as one where everyone dies will only make you feel worse of ourse). Eat. Just do something else besides studying or whatever it is your worrying about.

Don’t work on when you’re exhausted. If you feel your eyes drop, if the texts are getting blurry,Β if you just don’t feel well: STOP. Your health is more important.


If you had seen me last month, you’d think it’s rich coming from me, all these tips. I snort at me giving advice about stress, but I also see this as advice to myself. Advice I should really follow. Last month really didn’t go well and I don’t want anything like that happening again anytime soon.

Do you have any useful tips for reducing stress? Do you find these a little bit helpful? (I hope so!)

– The Writing Hufflepuff



15 thoughts on “How To Deal With Stress

  1. These are great tips! I struggle with stress a lot as well, and I find that taking breaks and setting a limit for yourself really help. I also think that stopping every once and a while and taking deep breaths really help, especially when the stress starts building up. Stress can be super overwhelming and terrible- you’re definitely not alone!

  2. Awesome post! I deal with a lot of stress as with being in Year 12, there’s so much homework, so many assessments, so much information to study and so little time before tests and exams! It’ll be good for me to remember these tips!

  3. All of these tips are great :) I usually get stressed out about my studies and school a lot – its part of why my posts are posted so irregularly. But then I just sit down, take a deep breath a make a list. (It’s extremely weird, but it works) It helps me get my thoughts in focus, and I can work out how much time I can dedicate to each thing and get time to myself and family.

    Talking works really well too.

    Lovely post!

  4. Thanks for this. For me a cussing match always works (it’s bad but I get to vent out). Another thing is obviously having some me-time. Although I get stressed about stuff I’m not doing and that is piling up if I can distract myself I’m okay for how long I do manage to distract myself! :P

  5. What really helps for me is making lists. No matter where, if it’s online or in a notebook, it’s such a relieve to SEE what I must do. And crossing things off makes me motivated too :) I recently started to use Wunderlist and you can add dates, so when you look at your ‘week’ you can see what you must do on what day. It’s so nice to only focus on specific tasks that day.

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