Review: The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

Before I start my review, I’d like to take a minute to freak out about the fact that I have less than two weeks of regular schools before my exams. I can’t believe how fast this year went by. You’d think I’d be busy studying everyday but um, no. I wish I could tell you that. It was the plan for today as I have the day of, but sadly I woke up yesterday with a terrible ache in my neck and studying is just a no no with my neck right now. I siriously don’t know how to sit/lie anymore. It’s terrible, but I’m not going to spend this entire post complaining about it!

Also, before I start the review:

  • Ink and Quills recently published a post wherein 7 writers, including yours truly, share their writing secrets! There are really good tips there so go check it out!
  • Brett Michael Orr interviewed me about writing and books.
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The Kane Chronicles


The Red Pyramid on Goodreads
The Throne of Fire on Goodreads
The Serpent’s Shadow on Goodreads

Genre: Middle grade | fantasy
My rating: ★★★★★

First I like to complain about my copy of Throne of Fire. Why oh why do you have to be so much bigger? See, I picked it up about two years ago at this amazing Sale by Weight sale at my favourite bookstore the American Book Center (basically you pay five euros per kilo. It’s the best). They didn’t have The Red Pyramid nor The Serpent’s Shadow, but hey, I could save money that way right! So last month I finally bought the other two (also on sale!), but I didn’t know Throne of Fire would be like this. It really irks me, but oh well. Maybe one day I’ll sell it and buy a different copy.


The Kane Chronicles are about two siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane. After their Dad blows up an important Egyptian artefact, their lives change completely: apparently they’re descendants of ancient pharaos and on top of that they’re magicians. They have to figure out how to save their dad, who has been kidnapped by the evil god Set, stop Set from rising to power and save the world. Set is the least of their problems though…

I did my best typing a summary that doesn’t reveal to much. It’s mostly a summary for The Red Pyramid, but hey, I can’t really summarize the other two without giving too much away!


The Kane Chronicles aren’t as well known as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but it should be. Do I prefer Percy over The Kane Chronicles? Yes, but we’ll get to that later.

If you love Uncle Rick’s writing style, than you will love The Kane Chronicles. It’s not as funny as Percy Jackson or the Heroes of Olympus, but I did laugh out loud quite a few times, smiled or snorted. There were some puns so lame that they were brilliant. There were baboons who loved to play basketball. There was witty banter between several characters. Also Sadie Kane who is one of my new favourite heroines. And can we appreciate the Dalek mention in The Serpent’s Shadow? Brilliant. Absolulely brilliant.

The best thing about these books though, is that before it’s about magic, gods, monsters, demons, saving the world, romance… It’s about siblings. There just aren’t enough books that focus on the relationship between siblings and that’s a shame. The relationship between Carter and Sadie grows so beautifully and in the end they state that their sibling is the closest person to them. Not their love interest, no, their sibling. Can I get a hell yeah?

Besides Sadie and Carter, there are so many amazing characters. And they’re so diverse. Can I get another hell yeah? As I stated before, Sadie is my new favourite heroine. She’s tough, but she isn’t afraid to cry. She’s sassy and witty and she’s human and she’s loving and I just love Sadie okay? The only thing I didn’t like about her was that she was involved in a love triangle. Now, it wasn’t such a bad love triangle (though it was certainly not Tessa/Will/Jem which is my favourite and the best ever), but I just felt it was a bit unnecessary and I saw how it was going to end coming (though I was only joking. Did you know that whenever I joke about a plot twist, that plot twist actually comes true? Like I WAS JOKING). Also, I still don’t really understand how the ending of that love triangle works but oh well.

Unlike Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles are written as if they were recorded by Carter and Sadie on a recorder. Uncle Rick wrote these down and in the beginning of the books he gives a warning and in his author’s note he says that either they did their research right or everything they say is true, which to him is really scary. This made it more real and I loved this little thing. The two siblings sometimes interrupt each other while telling the story, which is also amusing.

I don’t know much about Egyptian mythology, but I loved how Uncle Rick intertwined the myths into this story and into our modern world. I also loved how Carter and Sadie became really good friends with some gods, almost like family. It’s a nice change from the Olympians in Percy’s world. By the way, loved the minor references to Percy Jackson. It just made me smile.

Besides the love triangle, the only problem I had with the books is that they felt a bit repetitive. It was like all three books had the same basic story line, though it was still enjoyable I felt like they were more predictable than the other two series. Just like with Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus, I flew through these books though and I absolutely adore them.

You should read these books if:

  • You loved Percy Jackson and/or The Heroes of Olympus
  • You love Uncle Rick’s writing style in general
  • You like Egyptian mythology
  • You like dry humor and puns so bad they’re funny
  • Sibling relationships

Have you read The Kane Chronicles yet? Are you planning to? What did you think? And are the crossovers with Percy and Annabeth going to be released in one single book, like The Bane Chronicles? I feel like I’ve read that somewhere, but I’m not sure. Please help a desperate Hufflepuff out!



29 thoughts on “Review: The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

  1. Oh my gosh — when books in the same series are different sizes it kills me. I need continuity! In saying that I still really need to read this series! I loved Percy Jackson so I have the feeling that I could really like this one as well. :)

  2. My copy of The City of Heavenly Fire is so much bigger than the other books in TMI! So I totally understand your pain :(
    Wonderful review, btw… I’d read this series quite a long time back, so I’d almost forgotten about how much I loved it until u reminded me now. I’m so thankful to u for that! Yes, the plot-line was a bit too repetitive, the love triangle really awkward, the fun and humour not as prominent as in PJO, but it STILL ROCKS! :D Because of RR’s writing style… I bet even a History class would seem interesting to me if he were the one taking it (I really hate History)… and I’m going off topic now…
    Sadie, well, I liked her but I really found her quite annoying at times. Carter was really sweet but acted like a real fool at times and I really found the series lacking that perfection which PJO boasts of. But still, like I said, it was fabulously well-written, action-packed and humorous. I loved it.

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