The Book Life Tag

The Book Life Tag

I wasn’t tagged for this but found it at Crazy for YAΒ and thought it looked like a lot of fun! So without further ado: The Book Life Tag.

Who would your parents be?

I love my mom, but if I had to choose fictional parents I’d choose Lola’s dads from Lola and the Boy Next Door. I suppose that that automatically gives me her mom as well, but her dads are so sweet and supportive and fun.

Who would be your sister?

I’d love to have Eleanor from Eleanor and Park as my sister, minus the distorted family of course. She’s just the perfect older sister and we’d get along really well.

Who would be your brother?

Jason Grace from the Heroes of Olympus series. I’d think he’d be a great older brother, as he’s very responsible and protective. Also major dork. And hey, we both have bad eyesight! Maybe we’re already related…

Who would be your pet?

Crookshanks! I love cats and Crookshanks is such a cute fluffball. Besides, he’s incredibly smart.

Where would you live?

I’m staying in Amsterdam! I love my city and I’m very happy here. Besides, you can’t live at Hogwarts (unless you’re a teacher of course, and I don’t really see myself doing that). Of course I love Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, but I just don’t see myself living there.

Where would you go to school?

Isn’t this obvious?

Who would be your best friend?

Hermione Granger, hands down.

Who would be your significant other?

I’d choose Percy, but I can’t break up Percabeth. I just can’t. So I’m going with Etienne St. Claire, because he’s such a cutie and funny.

Alright, that was The Book Life tag! I’ll be tagging:

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And everyone else who wants to do this!

Have you done this tag yet? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to check out all of your answers.

– The Writing Hufflepuff


19 thoughts on “The Book Life Tag

    • I think almost everyone would pick Hogwarts! :D (alright so there are people who don’t like Harry Potter but that’s a really small minority!). Haha I haven’t read Fire but if he melts your heart I’m sure he’s a great choice! I haven’t been on WordPress much so I must have missed your post. I’ll check it out later! :)

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