Michelle Has Got a Sock

If you follow me on Twitter and or Instagram you may know this already, but my last exam has ended, so I’m done! I think it went well, so I’m really happy. I really hope I won’t have to do a make-up exam, because I really need a long,Β long break from studying.

I would have blogged earlier this week, but I was more exhausted than I thought I would be. I really needed to just lay down and watch some more Girlmore Girls, Disney and read (I’m so glad I finally had the time and energy to read again!). But don’t worry, I have not forgetten this blog (though I have forgotten how to spell woops. Took me a while before I got the right spelling of forgotten). This is theΒ Writing Hufflepuff, not theΒ Forgetting Hufflepuff (terrible pun, I know). Somewhere this week I willΒ finally start round 3 of The Book Awards!

So stay tuned for more on that! I’ve also got three book reviews coming up and there are a lot of blogging ideas on my to do list! Of course there’s also the May Wrap Up, so there are plenty of posts coming your way this June.

Which brings me to the fact that tomorrow it’sΒ June already, which means I’ll be eighteen in less than a week *gulp* and I’ll be going to The Wizarding World and Disney World!

Obviously I’m really excited and I can’t wait to go (though I wish I could apparate or floo there as I hate flying- and hey, that would save money!). Now, my brain isn’t exactly working with me here (it actually took me a good couple of minutes a few day ago to remember the word forΒ sunglasses. That’s how done my brain is after all those exams), so I’ll end this here. Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck and hi to the new followers! Especially during the last two weeks with hardly any posts, I didn’t expect people to start following me haha. I’ll be back soon with more posts, promise! <3

Are you done with your exams yet? Did it go well? Congrats anyway, you survived! If you’re not done yet, hang in there!

– The Writing Hufflepuff


8 thoughts on “Michelle Has Got a Sock

  1. Oooh, have fun! One tip I have is that if you go to Universal/Harry Potter first thing in the morning, go to Ollivander’s first thing! It’s what me and my family did, and even though we did have to stand in line for a bit, apparently if you go later in the day it’ll be super crowded. And the frozen butterbeer is awesome. But have a great trip!

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