400+ Followers?!

I don’t know when this happened but…



I wish I could do a giveaway, but that’s difficult when I live in The Netherlands and most of you don’t! Shipping would be way too expensive for me I’m afraid. BUT KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL <3

– The Writing Hufflepuff



30 thoughts on “400+ Followers?!

    • You know that annoying moment when you’re on your iPhone and you’re still typing and out of nowhere your thumb decides to press REPLY. Sigh, let’s do this again, laughing. Congratulations Michelle! Your posts are worth a billion likes and don’t you ever think that you’re just another blogger, because you’re The Blogger. πŸ’™

  1. Oh my Galligaskins!!! I’m so proud of you!! Congrats! I love your lovely reviews and the bright light you bring to the book bloggers community! (Okay, I sound like a Grandma, but it’s a special occasion so my inner five-year-old is at ease. :) YAY!!!!!! Ok… so maybe not…. :)

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