Nine Reasons Why You Should Watch Dream High


While I should have been studying for my exams, I got addicted to the Korean drama Dream High. It was the perfect way to relax after a long day of studying, though I wish I had started it a different day, as it was really hard to resist watching another episode instead of picking up a textbook. I managed though, barely.

Dream High is about six teenagers who attend Kirin Art School where they work hard to become idols. In one sentence. Dream High deals with a lot more than just singing and dancing, some of which quite serious. Do not, I repeat DO NOT read the blurb on DramaFever. There’s a huge spoiler for something that happens in a much later episode. Thankfully I read it after I saw that episode, so it wasn’t a spoiler for me.

Here are nine reasons why YOU should watch Dream High.


  • Fun, yet tense and dramatic storyline
  • Amazing, realistic, well-developed characters that go through great character development
  • Perfect and adorable cast
  • Catchy songs (plus inspiring)
  • Though at times also heartbreaking
  • Cute ships, both romantic and platonic. Like you’ll die from cuteness. I mean: 
  • Inspiring and heartwarming

Here’s one of my favourite scenes to win you over:

Me while watching dream high:

In conclusion:

Dream High 2 why oh why do you have an almost new cast? I’m slowly making my way through it, as it’s just not as addicting as the original. I will give it a shot though! If you’re wondering where you can watch it, I watched it on the DramaFever app, though they also have a website where I believe you can watch it as well (Update: if you watch it on the website the episode will be interrupted quite a few times by ads. Do not recommend).

I hope I have converted all of you. This is the second drama I’ve given a ten on My Drama List (the other being Hana Yori Dango) and it’s definitely a new favourite.

12 thoughts on “Nine Reasons Why You Should Watch Dream High

  1. Ahhh you totally got me with the Girls’ Generation scene. They even did the choreography! How cute. K-pop has already sucked me in, so that probably means K-dramas are next ~_^

  2. ohmygod! i’m actually watching dream high right now! (but i haven’t watched an episode in a month because i’ve been so busy) i’m currently at the part where they have that composing final thing and yoon baekhee cheated, but she ended up getting an A. UGH. i really don’t like her – at all. but i KNOW someone is going to find out. YAY FOR DREAM HIGH! i looooove kim soohyun <333 this post is wonderful!

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