Summer Goals


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers now listing their summer goals, and as I have a few of my own, I thought: why not share them too!

  • Finish the second draft of The Army of Quermo – though I’d be happy with just writing a lot, not necessarily finishing it
  • Finish the interview stage of my grandfather’s biography
  • Read 22 books – why 22 you ask? Because there are still 22 books left until I’ve finished my Goodreads Challenge!
  • Redecorate my room – I wanted to do this before America, but now I really need to do it as I don’t have enough room for the stuff I bought
  • Blog a lot – though I don’t think this will be a problem!
  • Blog about my time in America
  • Blog more again about writing
  • Make photo albums – I have a lot of printed photos that I’d like to put in albums. There are also quite a lot that I still need to print, but that will cost a lot of money…
  • Put pictures in the frame for my mom – quite some time ago I bought my mom this big frame where you can put in a lot of pictures (kind of like a collage – I have no idea how you call these frames), but because of school I haven’t had the time yet!
  • Meet up with friends
  • Celebrate my birthday with friends
  • Maybe go to Utrecht and explore a bit as I’ll be studying there
  • Explore my city and have some kind of adventure (I don’t know, it sounds like fun and it feels like there are so many places in Amsterdam that I have never been or maybe I was just too small to remember)
  • Catch up on tv shows
  • Finish my Disney rewatch

Phew. That’s quite a lot more than I thought! And I have the feeling I forgot something… We’ll see if I manage to complete all of these!

Do you have any summer goals? What are they?

– The Writing Hufflepuff


18 thoughts on “Summer Goals

  1. These sound like some great summer goals! I hope you get through get to all of them!
    Since its winter in Australia, I can’t make a summer goals post! 😆

  2. My summer goals: 1.Read all the books I got as presents. 2.Learn how to knit. (No progress with this one so far!)

  3. Nice goals! It’s winter here meaning no summer goals for me ;) but I really want to finish my goodreads challenge before August (I think I have 3 or 4 more books to go) and I also plan to redecorate my room as well :D

    • He used to do ballet (and was very good at it) but his parents didn’t allow him to continue, so I’ll be writing about that.
      You should! :)
      I just came back actually, I went to Orlando 😊
      Thanks! Going to check out yours now :)

  4. Awesome goals! I personally also want to blog more and also write more. I also want to get better at writing book reviews and maybe post some more stuff about my writing. I also (wow, I am saying also a lot) want to catch up on my GoodReads challenge and read more of the books on my bookshelf. I have probably around 80+ books and I’ve read a little more than half of them, but all my unread ones are very thick but at the same time I’ve heard of them to be very good. Wish me luck and I hope you’re able to finish all your summer goals!

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