Orlando Day 1

The first post in a series about my recent adventures in Orlando! We had to get up at five in the morning, as we flew at nine. Or so we thought. When we arrived at the airport, we had to stand in a very long line to check in. Later it turned out they had to change airplanes and thus had to go through a lot of trouble as a lot of people had booked seats (including my mom and I, as I wanted to sit next to her on such a long flight!) and thus they  had to delay our flight for roughly two hours.

When we finally got on the plane though, I managed to distract myself by watching Big Hero Six again (BAYMAX) and Night at the Museum 3 (Hugh Jackman’s ‘Wolverine thing’ was hands down the best thing of the entire film guys) and sleeping a bit. After about 8 hours of flying through the air, we finally landed in Orlando.

Guys I really hate flying, especially long flights. My fear is really ironic as I have flown a lot. I was never even afraid of it until a couple of years ago. I really don’t know where it came from, but boy do I wish I could just Apparate or use Floo Powder!

We had to spend some time at the airport there (there’s a terrible line that you have to go through before you finally reach security), and then we finally stepped outside!


Even if The Wizarding World and Disney weren’t in Florida, I would love it there because DID I MENTION NO HAY HEVER.

The hotel we stayed in was really clean and the guy who checked us in was really friendly and funny (every employee we met was!). After unpacking we decided to go out and get some water and food and found Walgreens, which we discovered two years ago as well. We were a lot closer to it than we were two years ago, which was nice!

Besides food we also came back with some other things… Like an Olaf Pop! Funko… And Disney keychains… And some more stuff…

I almost bought an Olaf backpack and some other stuff, but since we hadn’t been to Disney yet I decided to wait (spoiler: didn’t buy the Olaf backpack after all haha).

When we got back to the hotel we ate our dinner (a muffin… we weren’t really that hungry haha) and went to bed, as we had to get up on time for the shuttle to Universal!

A relatively short post, but not much happened that day! I’ll be posting about most days separately and the stuff I bought will also be put together in one or maybe more posts.

How do you guys feel about flying? Have you been to Orlando? Tell me in the comments!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

27 thoughts on “Orlando Day 1

  1. So I guess you wouldn’t do Quidditch if you hate flying…I wouldn’t do it either (although I would fly on a broom, I’d just upgrade it so it’s a little broom-powered car). But as for flying on an airplane, I accidentally watched this Ghost Whisperer episode and got terrified because it was about a plane crash. But that was long ago, and now I’m okay with flying on an airplane because I had to fly from California, where I live, to the Philippines, where I am right now.

  2. I HATE flying – even though I’ve already flown like five times. For some reason repeating it doesn’t make the experience better or less scary at all. I’ve never been on such a long flight though. I’m looking forward to more Orlando posts!

  3. I’m glad after all the drama at the airport things got sorted out. I’m a little jealous that you were in Orlando I’m desperate to go back purley to experience the whole Harry Potter aspect of it all. We went when they were building it all so we missed out on all the Harry Potter fun by a year, how upsetting! Looking forward to reading more of these. Also Floo Powder would be an excellent way to get around in the muggle world!

    • By a year! That’s such bad luck! :( I hope you get to go soon! :)
      Right?! It would solve so many problems when it comes to travel. No money for a plane ticket? No problem, just use floo powder! Scared of flying? Use floo powder! Once again I wish I was a witch haha :(

      • Yup I’m hoping I cn sqeeze a trip in before I turn 25. I better start saving :) The best solution to delays :)

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    • Isn’t it?! I want to go back haha. I either look at tumblr for gifs from a certain tv show or film and save then to my computer, or google what I’m looking for (like ‘happy gif’ or ‘dancing gif’ sometimes with a tv show, film or actor in the search term as well)

  5. We are EXTREMELY jealous right now!! We’ve only ever been to Dinsneyland in France so going to Orlando is at the top of our bucket list! We are expecting loads of pictures!!! :-D Enjoy your trip 💜 xo

  6. I’ve been to the Harry Potter Studios, but not the ones in Orlando. I’m not a great flyer so have to go prepared with loads of magazines, music and books. Hay fever sucks :(

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