My Top 8 Favourite Sanrio Characters That Aren’t Hello Kitty

My Top 8 Favourite Sanrio Characters

Hello Kitty is overrated. There, I said it. DON’T ATTACK ME. I do love Hello Kitty, but sometimes it’s frustrating when she is all I can find, while I JUST WANT MORE POM POM PURIN STUFF. I just wish the other characters got as much attention, especially the following eight:

Pom Pom Purin

You must have seen this one coming from my previous outburst right? Pom Pom Purin is definitely my favourite Sanrio character. I don’t have as much Pom Pom merch as I’d like, but I do have this adorable big plush sitting on top of my bookcase.


I love pandas, they’re my favourite animals, so obviously I love Pandapple. I mean look at that cute face. I only have cute sticky notes that I barely use because if I do I’ll run out of cute sticky notes in the form of his face.

Bad Badtz-Maru

Okay, so I never get his name right on the first try (I often want to type Badzt. Why? I don’t know), but he definitely belongs on this list. Again don’t have much merch (that seems to be a trend on this list), but I have this awesome backpack with his face on it that I absolutely love.

My mom was acting like paparazzi while I was paying at Waterstones

Little Twin Stars

Pretty sure (sometimes when I clean my room I’m amazed at the stuff I’d forgotten I have) I only own a contact case, but it is cute and I use it every day so every day I can admire their cuteness.


I mean look at him. LOOK AT HIM. He’s a ball of fluff (okay not literally). I don’t think I own any Cinnamoroll stuff, and that’s terribble.


Because ever since Hamtaro (which is a long time ago) I’ve had this weakness for hamsters, so how can I not have fallen for this cutie? I only own a pen, which doesn’t even work anymore but the pen is so cute I can’t throw it out.

Tuxedo Sam

I own stickers. That’s it. I didn’t even buy those stickers; I got them for free with my purchase. I’M SORRY TUXEDO SAM. I DO LOVE YOU, I DO.


BECAUSE MONKEYS. I love monkeys. Always have. Again, I only own a pen (it’s the same pen asΒ Corocorokuririn, but Monkichi design).

These are my top 8 favourite Sanrio characters (again, that aren’t Hello Kitty. I DO love her), in no order except for Pom Pom Purin. I wish these characters were just as loved as Hello Kitty and had just as merch. I don’t know how much merch you can find in Japan (obviously a lot more than here); this post is just me stating my love for these characters. In the Netherlands it’s not easy to find them. Of course I can order stuff online, but this often means high shipping for me!

So who are your favourite Sanrio characters? Do you agree that even though Hello Kitty is adorable and loveable, she is a bit overrated? Maybe you don’t even know what I’m talking about, as this is mainly a book/writing blog! Sorry about that then; I wanted to express my love for these cuties!

– The Writing Hufflepuff


11 thoughts on “My Top 8 Favourite Sanrio Characters That Aren’t Hello Kitty

  1. I love this! I used to watch this, and this post brought back memories! By the way, would you be interested in joining a book club? I made a post about it on my blog!

  2. I didn’t really know Hello Kitty was overrated. I’m not really into Hello Kitty herself; I’m more into collecting Hello Kitty merchandise. I have a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff, such as a DIY Hello Kitty money bank and Hello Kitty giant coloring pages. (I actually color those pages when I’m bored.)

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