Orlando Day 2: The Wizarding World Part 1

Don’t know if it will appear in the reader as I actually published it yesterday but put it on private afterwards to fix it later. Here’s the entire post! Really hope WordPress won’t just delete some of my text anytime soon!

The Writing Hufflepuff

Note: For some reason WordPress decided to delete quite a bit of text from my post, thus I had put this on private to edit it later. If you’ve already read this post yesterday, you might have missed something!Β 

Warning: Lot’s of fangirling and caps lock ahead.

This was originally going to be one post, but I quickly noticed that this was getting rather long… SO TWO POSTS IT IS.

I had fallen asleep quickly the previous evening, but woke up a few times during the night and finally got up at five in the morning, after all it was eleven in the morning in Amsterdam and I just couldn’t sleep anymore. So we showered, dressed and went out for breakfast, but that is irrelevant guys. Because after breakfast, we needed to get ready for the shuttle to… UNIVERSAL STUDIOS.

Since Diagon Alley wasn’t open yet when I was there…

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