Can You Pronounce These Names?

So last month I finally decided to stop writing fiction in Dutch, and start writing in English, which meant translating everything I had already written in Dutch for my wip The Army of Quermo. Now, that isn’t so hard, but I did come upon a problem: the names. A lot of the names are in Dutch, and some of them might not be that easy to pronounce for non-Dutchies. It still takes place in The Netherlands, but I was wondering about some names might need changing. So here’s where I need your help! Can you pronounce the following names?

  • Van Liere
  • Zonneveld
  • Huigswee
  • De Ster
  • Petra Adelen

Well, that’s less than I thought! Most of my first names are pronounceable (most of them aren’t Dutch, as a lot of Dutch names aren’t really used anymore nowadays) and some I’m just certain that non-Dutchies won’t be able to pronounce them so I left them out haha.

Please let me know in the comments if you can pronounce them!



30 thoughts on “Can You Pronounce These Names?

  1. German speaking here: No problem pronouncing them. I think? But probably not. I think I am saying them right.
    But even if I had those problems, I always like it, if the names ‘belong’ to the country in which the story takes place. As a child I couldn’t say (more like didn’t know how to say) Dumbledore, so I always read something like “Dumbeledore” but that didn’t bothered me one bit.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean, I like that too, but I thought that maybe I needed to change them to something simpler (still Dutch) :) Like another character’s last name is Vink, which English speakers should be able to pronounce.

  2. Van Liere – Yes
    De Ster- Yes
    Petra Adelen- Yes

    Now those other two, I have no idea, but they look really cool. If I came across those while reading, I would just pronounce them in best way I could and go on. However, I really like your otehr three names, especially Van Liere. It sounds so fancy sicne I’m not used to Dutch names, but I absolutely love it! Hope that sort of helped!

  3. Confession: I will admit that if a book has too many difficult names, it tends to be a bit of a turn off for me. It has been a life long personal battle as well. I’m an American in Australian, but no one can ever pronounce my name. I recently gave up and started going by Jewel. Oh well… what’s in a name, right?

    • Huigswee is one most people seem to have a problem with haha.
      I actually like writing in English more than in Dutch (same with reading), but I didn’t think I could write an entire book in English. Now that I’ve been blogging in English for over a year, I thought to just go for it :) There are a lot of things that you can’t say in Dutch, because there’s no translation or because it has a slightly different meaning. Some things can also sound lame or even rude.

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