The Book Awards: Best Female Author

Today the lovely Ella Iparis from Senseless Scrutiny will tell you why you should vote for the nominees!

Books can be many things. Powerful, moving, intricate, beautiful, and just plain awesome. However, a lot of us forget in our love for these wonderful novels that we have more to thank than just the pen and paper. The pen is only as wise as the person who wields it. We must always remember the brilliant authors who create the wonderful stories that we have the privilege and pleasure to dive into. Without them and their abundant imaginations, reading would not be as enjoyable as it is today.

So, this award is to commemorate just that. However, although all authors are amazing, nothing quite beats the females when it comes to the YA genre. They are basically the epitome of empowerment and inspiration for girls everywhere, and remind us that we can succeed in whatever we do, regardless of flimsy constraints like gender. I don’t know about you, but I think they deserve to get recognition for the fantastic work they do.

So, without further ado, here are the nominations!

1.) Marie Lu:

This woman is basically a god when it comes to the dystopian genre. Even if you haven’t heard of her, I doubt that any YA book nerd could get away with not being familiar with the novels she wrote.

Her most famous works are the books in the Legend trilogy (Legend, Prodigy, and Champion). If you haven’t read these, I suggest dropping whatever you’re doing and sprinting to the nearest bookstore right now. It is by far my favorite trilogy of ALL TIME. For those of you who haven’t gotten the opportunity to read them yet, they are basically swirling mixtures of suspense, action, romance, sadness, and humor, making them great reads for literally everyone. They make you want to cry, laugh, rip your hair out in anticipation, and turn the pages faster than humanly possible. In short, they are perfection.

She is also in the process of writing a new trilogy, The Young Elites trilogy. The first novel has already been published, and the second one is coming out pretty soon. It too is perfection, which should be impossible, since an author should not have the talent to write two amazing pieces. What can I say, she’s a genius.

This novel takes a very different approach from other novels in the sense that the main character is (sort of) the villain. You can’t help but fall in love with the intricate, authentic world she creates and the life-like characters that grace the pages. It is a beautiful novel of happiness and heartache, and you’ll definitely find yourself yearning for more.

Overall, Marie Lu is a fantastic author who definitely deserves your vote, and I hope you’ll come to love her as much as I do.

2.) Jandy Nelson:

This author is fantastic. FANTASTIC. HER NOVELS ARE AMAZING. You need to read them at least once in your lifetime, or else you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to read arguably the best realistic fiction YA novels ever created.

She has written two beautiful books, The Sky is Everywhere and I’ll Give You The Sun. Although I have only read the latter, both of these have gotten amazing reviews and are loved by critics and readers alike. And, if you decide to pick any one of these up, I’m sure you’ll understand why.

I don’t know how she does it, but Nelson manages to break your heart and piece it back together at the same time. She depicts the hard, painful life of a teenager so well that you may come to believe that she’s writing about you. Her novels may even give you the urge to frame them and put them on your wall for everyone to see instead of placing them back on your sad bookshelf. With authentic, relatable characters and a whirlwind plot, her books are bound to find a special place in your heart that will allow you to cherish them forever.

Jandy Nelson is incredible and has mastered the art of playing with your heartstrings and your brain so well that all you end up wanting to do is drown in the pages of her brilliant books. She definitely earns your vote with her masterful writing and breathtaking style. Choose her, and you won’t be sorry.

3.) Kasie West:

Last but certainly not least, we have this wonderful author who manages to make our head spin with the beauty and perfection of her romance novels. Her work is famous and greatly loved by teenagers everywhere, and after reading a few pages I’m sure you’ll fall in love too!

She has written fantastic novels, such as On the Fence, The Distance Between Us, The Fill-In Boyfriend, Pivot Point, and Split Second. Although I would love to call her novels “easy reads”, since that is true of most novels in the realistic fiction genre, the truth is that they are so much more. Dealing with insecurities, the complications of love in teenage years, family issues, and the struggles of fitting in, these books are also gentle reminders of the fact that we as teens are not alone in our hardships. They may be fun to read, but they also help us remember that our struggles can be overcome and to have hope, which is probably the main reason why I enjoy her novels so much.

In today’s world, you don’t really see realistic fiction romance novels worth reading. All of them seem nonsensical and pointless, so that’s what I first expected when I began to read West’s works. However, I was very pleasantly surprised and ended up loving everything I read by her, which is something that usually doesn’t happen with me. I suggest that you guys give her a shot, as well, because you’re bound to enjoy it.

In short, Kasie West is a great author with meaningful but fun books that should be read by everyone. She is an inspiration to all females (and males), and she deserves your vote!

Well, there seems to be no doubt that each of these authors are equally talented. The only question that seems to arise when confronted by such amazing writers is…

Who will you choose?

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Thank you Ella! I don’t know about you guys, but she sure convinced me to read their work! Most of these books were already on my tbr (The Young Elites is even waiting for me on my actual, physical shelf!), but now I DEFINITELY want to read them. If you want to do a guest post for The Book Awards as well, let me know!


9 thoughts on “The Book Awards: Best Female Author

  1. I would pick Jandy Nelson both because I loved I’ll Give You The Sun and because I haven’t read anything by the other two authors yet… Although I do have a copy of Legend on my shelves.

  2. I feel sad to say that I havent read any of the books from these authors, but gosh does this post make me want to read their books! I have Marie Lu’s books on my TBR as well as Jandy Nelson’s and Katie West’s! xoxo

  3. I haven’t read any books from Jandy Nelson but I’ve read one book from Marie Lu’s “The Young Elites” which I’ve really liked it.So I think it isn’t fair for me to pick the best when I haven’t read the other author’s work yet.Great post! :D

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