The Weekly Hufflepuff #1

The first weekly wrap up! I might start calling my monthly wrap ups The Monthly Hufflepuffs. Tell me what you think! OH AND LOOK BAYMAX.


De Watermagiër, De Vuurmagiër and De Zwarte Magiër by Anne West, meaning I completed my reread of De Macht van het Zwaard series and thus also completed my reread challenge for this year!

I started The Last Ever After, the last book in The School for Good and Evil trilogy. It’s really good so far but I’m terribly worried. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THE TAG LINE IS ‘NOT EVERY STORY HAS A HAPPY ENDING’ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN SOMAN


My cousin celebrated her birthday last Sunday, so we finally got to give her our gift: a Mike Wazowski mug! It was a fun, relaxed day.

Teen Wolf was scary and confusing- I WANT ANSWERS ALREADY

The Fosters made me cry as usual

On Thursday I just randomly left the house with only my camera (okay that’s a big lie. I also took water, food (DUH), my phone, keys, my nose spray and inhaler (allergies *sigh*), lip balm and the Waterstones voucher one of my friends had given me for my birthday. So you know, life essentials!). I decided to go for a walk in the park. It was a long walk, which you’ll soon read about as it will be the first post in my Amsterdam blogging series! (still don’t have a name. If you have any ideas, please let me know!). After I went to visit my grandfather and then I set off to Waterstones and ice cream (because after all that walking I deserved some)

I got my mom to watch Descendants with me. She liked it, but probably not as much as I do haha. Still as obsessed (if not more) since the first time I saw it.

My mom and I finished Happily Divorced sadly. I’ll really miss it. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. It’s really funny. If you’re a fan of The Nanny (and I know quite a few of you are!) then definitely watch it. Fran Drescher is starring in it and just like The Nanny she wrote and produced it.

Soman Chainani, author of The School For Good and Evil favourited my tweet!!

what I posted-2

The theme this time on The Feministas is men and feminism. I wrote about ‘unmanly’ sports.


I loved all the posts I read this week, but here are some of my favourites:

And that was my week! In short. I also feel like I forgot a lot. Oh well. How was your week?


17 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #1

  1. I love this weekly wrap up/update idea! I think I might start doing the same when school starts (I haven’t posted much this summer so imagine when school starts all over again!) I think it’ll motivate me to actually get a few things done and I’ll have a post to look forward to every week. [:

  2. Omggg, THANK YOU FOR LINKING TO MY POST. *flails with glee*

    And awk, I’m not watching Teen Wolf specifically until the entire season is out because I CAN’T TAKE THE STRESS. Seriously, it started off as such a cute show and now it’s like BAM BAM BAM LET ME RIP YOUR FEELS OUT AND HURT YOU SO BAD. *hyperventilates* I’m also worried they’ll kill my babies. XDD hehe, so good luck surviving!! *sends you tissues and chocolate*

    • Of course! :D I loved it!
      Haha I feel you. I binge watched the first four seasons and know I have to wait every week. RIGHT LIKE WHAT THE HELL THEY WERE SO HAPPY AND NOW IT’S JUST DEATH. DEATH EVERYWHERE.
      Haha yes! Have you seen the trailer for the season?! I’m soooo worried about everyone. Thank you! I’ll need all the tissues and chocolate I can get haha


    I am going to agree with what Cait said, because the pain of cliffhangers and waiting a week for an episode is something which my brain does not seemed to have grasped the concept of. It's always going to be "ooh man, that would have been a bad cliffhanger to wait for" right before I click the button to watch the next episode XD Netflix 4 lyfe <3

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