The Weekly Hufflepuff #2

I can’t believe it’s time for another Weekly Hufflepuff already! Oh how time flies. Only two weeks left of freedom. EEK.

So what’s happened this week?


  • I finished The Last Ever After and am still not over the fact that one of my favourite trilogies (The School for Good and Evil) is over! I’ve already written my review, so I’ll post it soon!
  • I read Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and was disappointed. You’ll read all about it in my review!
  • I started The Young Elites and it’s okay so far. The beginning is slow, so I hope that things will start to get more exciting soon.


This was a pretty slow week, which is a good thing as next week will be a lot busier!

I went to the centrum with my mom to hunt down a cute pencil case. In the end I finally succeeded! I’m now in love with Gorjuss and want all the things (okay, not all the things. But a lot of things).

Look how pretty and cute it issss!! <3

On that same day we ate fries from Jelle (a snackbar with the best fries in our opinion) at my grandfather’s.

I made plans with both of my friends, so I’ll be busy next week

The drama on The Fosters oh my God you guys. THE DRAMA


Oh and this weekend I’ve been stalking everything and everyone at D23 Expo and then cry because I’m not there

what I posted-2


Here are some of my favourite posts from this week:

So that was another week! How was your week? Any cool posts I haven’t included that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “The Weekly Hufflepuff #2

  1. I always LOVE to know the blogger behind the blog (if that makes any sense?) So I loved hearing about your week(and now I’m dying for some French fries) GIMMEEEHHH. teehee I hope you enjoy your books and that they pick up for you (grr for slow books!) ♡

    • I’m happy you liked it! :) Don’t worry it makes sense! I’m the same :) Haha sorry if I made you hungry! *hands out French fries* Here you. If I could send you actual fries I’d send you some!
      I hope so too! :)

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